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Just in case those up-top in our blog-roll weren't enough, here's another batch of good comics blogs.

Let's start with The Old Comics Should Be Good. From before the move.

The Comics Curmudgeon: Very funny commentary on daily comic strips.

MangaBlog: Constantly updated Manga linkblog. A hugely valuable resource that, OK, links to us a lot.

Warren Peace Sings the Blues: Hey, it's semi-frequent CSBG commentator Matt Brady, who I kind of hate because he reviews everything I want to before I get around to it. Lots of non-superhero and Manga reviews, including a monthly rundown of the female-centric Manga Magazine Shojo Beat. (Which always, and weirdly, makes me laugh.)

Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine: Golden Age comics scanned and served up for free! Some really trippy stuff here, including a Santa Claus/Alice in Wonderland team-up on the first page!

There's also this six pager, which is full of the one thing we all need more of in our life: Joe Kubert drawn dinosaurs.

Let's You and Him Fight: Jones, one of the Jones Boys has the best name in the comics blogsphere. Period. Here, in his updated-once-or-twice-a-month blog he covers a staggering range of comics with wit and style.

Larry Marder: Never did write back to me, but he writes and draws Tales of the Beanworld, which I generally cite as my favorite comic ever. So I'll link to him anyway.

Arrowette's Diary: DC-centric reviews, commentary, and this piece of fan-fiction which made me laugh for twenty minutes straight. (But I am WAY easily amused.)

Shaenon K. Garrity: Lots of links to her (very good) webcomic, but also some very nice Manga reviews and the occasional feature like Drunk and Watching Star Trek.

Better yet, she's got a column at comixology called "All the Comics In the World." And since I can't find an index of them anywhere, I'll link to 'em all.

Week One: All Star Batman and Robin. (Which starts: Like most comic-book fans, I can't get enough of classic British satirical novels...)Week Two: Pogo.Week Three: Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld.Week Four: Lynda Barry. (Probably my favorite cartoonist ever.)

And, special not-comics bonus:

DC Comics' Complete April 2019 Solicitations

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