More interesting auction news!

Action Comics #1 sells for $317,200. Apparently, it's the first appearance of some dude named "Superman." Man, what a dumb name. Why couldn't he have been called something cool like "Amokk" or "Vibraxis" or "Mammon" or "Zapatak" or "Logix" or "Ripclaw" or "Armata" or "Softcore" or "Slog" or "Devlor" or "Wipeout"?* That would have been much neater.

According to the news story, the winning bid was submitted by the drummer for System of a Down. That's odd. He bought it for an unidentified client. There are only about 100 copies of this comic (so it couldn't be that cool, right?), and the dude who sold it bought it in 1950 for 35 cents. That's a handy return on your investment.

Man, I can't wait to auction off my issues of X-Men #1 by Claremont and Lee (yes, plural). If this crappy comic is worth 300 large, think of how much an awesome book like X-Men #1 is worth!

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* Note: These are all actual names of characters who have appeared in comics. And they're all cooler than stupid Superman!

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