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Earlier this month CBR News posted an interview with "El Cazador" writer Chuck Dixon. With this interview was included a nice selection of preview artwork. Tuesday, CrossGen sent out a press release with a few not yet seen images from "El Cazador." We've reprinted the press release below and posted the images not yet seen on CBR.

Official Press Release

With retailers ordering their September 2003 comics today, readers arereminded to reserve their copy of EL CAZADOR #1. Propelled by the all-starcreative team of writer Chuck Dixon, artist Steve Epting and colorist FrankD'Armata, EL CAZADOR unleashes a wild epic of swashbuckling danger set inthe Golden Age of pirates! When the life of a fiery Spanish donessa isshattered by a villainous armada, she sets sail with vengeance in herheart--reborn as Captain Sin! The sexy she-devil is CrossGen's next majorhero--and you can meet her in a savage tale of the days when cannons roared,cutlasses clashed, and the seas were stained blood red! Best of all, thisstandalone story is set on Earth and features not a single sigil--whichmeans it's the perfect entry point for anyone who's ever wanted to try aCrossGen title!

Spotlighted in the latest "Publisher's Picks" section of Comic Buyer'sGuide, EL CAZADOR #1 generated the following rave reviews from a panel ofprominent retailers:

"Most of us have been waiting for a pirate comic since Watchmen, and youcouldn't ask for a better one than EL CAZADOR. Obviously this is a labor oflove for Chuck Dixon, who weaves a story that's both action-packed andutterly convincing in all the little details. Rich with pirate lore withoutever becoming hoary, it's a thrilling, beautifully illustrated grandadventure. Grade: A" -S.A. Bennett, Dark Star Books & Comics (YellowSprings, OH)

"Dixon's dialogue sets the nautical mood and Epting's art is lush andcinematic in its execution. This is the beginning of a fine adventure storywith the unusual twist of a female pirate protagonist." -Charlie Harris,Charlie's Comic Books (Tucson, AZ)

"Intrigue, cannons, peg legs and scurvy swabs abound in this lushlyillustrated tale. Toss in the obligatory fair maiden in trouble and you havequite the stewpot of piratical storytelling." -Jeremy Shorr, Titan Comics(Dallas, TX)

"Talk about perfect timing--what better time for a pirate comic than now, inlight of Pirates of the Caribbean's cinematic success? Of course, thatwouldn't help much if EL CAZADOR wasn't good, but it is. Dixon's boldstorytelling evokes a sense of realism, while Epting's art has the vitalityof Al Williamson at his best. Great stuff that demonstrates yet again thatCrossGen is a lot more than a sigil. Grade: A" -Cliff Biggers, Dr. No'sComics (Marietta, GA)

EL CAZADOR sets sale on September 3rd...but you can reserve your ticket toadventure today!

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