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[Hopeless Savages]Nearly three years have passed since the Hopeless-Savage family had theirdebut in the original ONI PRESS COLOR SPECIAL, so it's only fitting that OniPress celebrate this anniversary with the first issue of the third series inthe popular franchise. Debuting in June, TOO MUCH HOPELESS SAVAGES! reunitesthe Eisner-nominated creative team of Jen Van Meter and Christine Norrie.And to make things extra special, we're moving the action off the NorthAmerican continent-the entire family is taking a trip to Hong Kong!

"GROUND ZERO was very much based around the family home," Van Meterexplained. "Though the comics have been about showing the Hopeless-Savagesas a normal, loving family, we shouldn't forget that the initial concept wasthey are a very special family that just happens to form a cohesive unit. Aswe saw in the first series, all of the children are involved in variousexceptional endeavors. That includes Arsenal."

The initial impetus for Arsenal's trip is a karate match in Hong Kong,rematching her against a brutal rival from her days of early competition.She is accompanied by her boyfriend Claude and his brother Henry, whohappens to be the boyfriend of Arsenal's brother Twitch (how is that forcomplicated romance?). Claude and Henry are going to be introducing theirsignificant others to their grandmother for the very first time-and thatincludes the question of how she'll react to Henry bringing a boy home.

"I am looking at balancing a lot in this story line," Van Meter continued."The title is both a play on how much is going on and a riff on theHitchcock film THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. As if the fight and the themes oflove and acceptance weren't enough, I am throwing in a bit of internationalintrigue with Arsenal unwittingly coming into possession of something thatboth the British Secret Service and the bad guys want back. And on top ofthat, the rest of the family come along after them to escape pressures thatare making their homelife a bit rough. It all comes together in oneexplosive traffic jam of action. Trust me."

"I've missed drawing this book," Norrie said. "Originally, after CHEAT, Iwas going to do a longer romance project, but I wanted to tackle somethingmore familiar and a lot less serious. Jen told me what she was thinking forthis arc, and I knew I had to draw it. I love China, I love Hong Kong. Iwant to depict scenes as beautiful as in SHANGHAI TRIAD, and I want to drawaction that would make the Hong Kong masters proud."

[Arsenal]Joining Van Meter and Norrie this time around is newcomer Ross Campbell. "We're continuing our tradition of giving new artists a shot on HOPELESSSAVAGES," Rich said. "I think our track record with Christine and Bryan O'Malley is pretty impressive, and Ross is the perfect guy to pick up thebaton. In fact, we had originally considered not doing flashbacks this timearound, but his art seemed so well-suited for a young Arsenal, we decided wehad to give him a place to lay down some ink."

A student of SKINWALKER cover artist Durwin Talon's from the SavannahCollege of Art, Ross has an extensive digital portfolio available online athttp://www.greenoblivion.com.

"For me, every HOPELESS SAVAGES series is a wonderful reunion," Richconcluded. "It's like our own holiday, where we get back together with ourloved ones and have a massive story banquet. It's yummy for my tummy!"

TOO MUCH HOPELESS SAVAGES! is a four-issue miniseries. #1 ships to comicbook stores on June 4, 2003. It contains 32 pages of black-and-white storyand art. It will retail for $2.99. Color covers will be by series artistChristine Norrie, who will also contribute a short Kung-Fu Space Girlsback-up story to the debut issue.

Readers looking to sample HOPELESS SAVAGES, and who missed out on it as aselection for the inaugural Free Comic Book Day, should stay tuned tohttp://www.onipress.com, as a downloadable pdf of the very first issue willbe the main selection in the Free Comic section for the month of March.

Both of the HOPELESS SAVAGES collections are still available. The firstvolume can be ordered using the Diamond Star code STAR15891 or the ISBN1929998244. HOPELESS SAVAGES: GROUND ZERO, the second volume, is beingreleased on March 19, 2003. Retailing for $11.95, its Diamond order code isJAN03 2350, its ISBN 192999852X.

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