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Official Press Release

Diamond Comic Distributors provides the comics industry with details concerning this spring's much-anticipated Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) promotion in the cover story of the February 2002 issue of Diamond Dialogue.

Scheduled on May 4 (one day after the release of Sony's Spider-Man film), the industrywide event helps participating comics specialty retailers introduce potential readers to the four-color medium of comics by passing out free copies to every person who frequents their stores on that day. To do this, retailers can order special FCBD titles and editions, which are priced extremely low so that they can exploit this wonderful opportunity to put comics into the hands of potential new readers.

Diamond's Premier Publishers (Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics) are just four of the many suppliers that are supporting the promotion by reprinting best-selling or original titles. Retailers can order other FCBD titles and editions from Cyberosia, Keenspot, and Oni Press, which are producing special comics for the event that can also be ordered at a low cost. Antarctic Press and Tokyopop are also offering excess inventory at a low price to encourage readers to sample their lines.

Participating retailers also have the option of using line FEB020025J of the Previews Retailer Order Form to order copies of overstock comics absolutely free from (as of press time): Abstract Studio, Acetylene Comics, Blue Line, Bongo, Cartoon Books, Chaos! Comics, Conspiracy, CPM, El Capitan, Fantagraphics Books, Humanoids, I·Box Publishing, Mighty Gremlin, Moonstone, NBM, Playdigm, Sirius Entertainment, Sleeping Giant Comics, The Norm.com, Top Shelf (a mix of titles from Top Shelf Productions, Eddie Campbell Comics, Abiogenesis Press, and Dee Vee Press), Viz Communications, and Young-Kinnard Productions.

To qualify for the promotion, retailers need order just 50 copies of each FCBD title offered by the Premier publishers. Participants will then receive these additional free comics in proportion to those orders. In other words, the free comics will form a "pool" of available titles; the higher a retailer's order on the FCBD editions from the Premier Publishers, the more free comics that retailer will receive from this "pool."

Besides the giveaway comics, retailers participating in the promotion will also be given automatic enrollment in a special database on the FCBD website (www.FreeComicBookDay.com), allowing interested parties to find them quickly and easily. (Participating retailers who are also Comic Shop Locator Service participants with an online profile will automatically be shown to visitors of FreeComicBookDay.com.) Participating retailers will also obtain free promotional posters, a free ad slick/bag slick, and a customizable press release to send to local media. (For more information on the benefits of enrolling, see the cover story in the February 2002 Dialogue.)

To garner broad interest in this worthwhile event, FCBD will be promoted within the comics industry and beyond via publisher public relations efforts; advertising in many newsstand and direct market comics, magazines, and more; onsite promotion at various trade shows and special events, including MegaCon, WonderCon, Pittsburgh Comicon, the Los Angeles Book Fair, and others; and through the FCBD website, which will be linked to/promoted by hundreds of websites and email campaigns. (For more information on promotions, see the cover story in the February 2002 Dialogue.)

Diamond customers interested in participating in the event should turn to page 12 of the February 2002 Previews Retailer Order Form to order their FCBD editions. Comics publishers interested in participating in the event should contact their Diamond Purchasing Brand Manager.

Art for selected FCBD titles is available at www.FreeComicBookDay.com.

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