More details, cover for 'Powers: Little Deaths' trade

Image Comics has issued the following release to announce the publication of "Powers: Little Deaths," the third trade paperback which was originally announced here April 23rd.

Official Press Release

[Powers]ORANGE, CA -- 26 April, 2002 -- The POWERS: WHO KILLED RETRO GIRL? tradepaperback is going into its third printing, making it the best-selling tradein Image Central history. The second TPB, ROLEPLAY, is heading into itssecond printing after fewer than six months on the stands. So what's nextfor award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming afterthat? A third trade paperback collection, of course.

POWERS: LITTLE DEATHS will compile the three-part "Groupies" story arc fromPOWERS #12-14, along with "Ride Along," the story from the sold-out POWERS#7 in which Warren Ellis guest-starred as himself. Also included is thecomplete POWERS ANNUAL (including the story that first ran in Wizard'sPOWERS 1/2) and the POWERS COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK, along with a dazzlingnew sketchbook section from Oeming, a cover gallery, and an in-depthinterview with Bendis.

Also, as a special bonus, POWERS: LITTLE DEATHS will include POWERS: WHOKILLED MADMAN? from the 2000 Oni Color Special, a sly parody of POWERS bythe series' creators featuring a mind-blowing lineup of comic bookguest-stars that has to be seen to be believed.

And if that's STILL not enough, LITTLE DEATHS will also feature Bendis andOeming's very first collaboration, the crime noir tale, "Keys," a shortstory that originally appeared in the ultra-rare JINX TRUE CRIME CONFESSIONSSPECIAL.

If that sounds like a lot of material, Bendis and Oeming couldn't be morepleased. "We understand what the readers expect from POWERS tradepaperbacks: more more more," says Bendis. "I think this trade builds on theexpectations set by WHO KILLED RETRO GIRL?"

All in all, POWERS: LITTLE DEATHS will be a whopping 224 pages shipping inAugust. The book will retail for $18.95.

Meanwhile, the third printing of POWERS: WHO KILLED RETRO GIRL? is due toship in July with the second printing of ROLEPLAY set to follow shortlythereafter. A signed and numbered print of the cover from the latestprinting of the overwhelmingly successful RETRO GIRL trade is also beingproduced, with all proceeds going to ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots).

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