More Creators Make Their 2011 Picks

CBR News is back for another go at talking about the exciting comics projects in store for 2011...and the biggest names in comics are along for the ride.

Today, we present part two of our roundup of some of the biggest, most anticipated releases set to debut in the next 12 months as selected by marquee names from across the comics world. Below writers, artists, editors and publishers of all stripes weigh in on what books they can't wait to get their hands on from the incoming events at the mainstream genre houses through to the long-awaited graphic novels being prepped by some of the undisputed masters of the form. (And don't forget to check out part one while you're at it!)

So read on to see what Paul Cornell, Kieron Gillen, Paul Pope, Ron Marz, Tommy Lee Edwards and many, many more have to say about what's got them excited for 2011!

Kieron Gillen, Writer of "Uncanny X-Men"

The problem is that there's so much stuff I hear about on the down low that hasn't been announced yet. Let's go with Simon Spurrier, who I think is going to have an enormous 2011. He's a bigger name in the UK due to 2000AD, but I think he's going to basically going to be 2011's Nick Spencer in terms of suddenly being everywhere and exciting everyone. Keep a special eye on his two unannounced projects at Avatar, which are making me yelp.

I've also been dying to read Ray Fawkes' "One Soul" ever since we shared a coffee (well, Tea for me) at NYCC and he told me all about it. Formally inventive and deeply human, I can't see how this one won't be brilliant and all over the end of year lists.

Also, is it too much to hope for "Suburban Glamour 2" from McKelvie? I know he's got a busy half of the year - yet more unannounced things to be excited about - but I've got to hope he returns to his fairy-girls in 2011.

On the pop-comics side of things, "Fear Itself" is going to be enormous. What I've seen in the secret Marvel vaults is splendid. Fraction/Immonen, bringing it.

My stuff? It's a big year, but none of it is announced yet, which is frustrating, but a good kind of frustrating. And when I can start talking about them, you won't be able to shut them up.

James Robinson, Writer of "Justice League of America"

There is so much quality work being done at the moment by so many great writers and artists in the medium of comics, that I go to my local comic store on Wednesdays with the excitement I don't even recall having when I was a kid of 15.

The ideas of Johns and Morrison, Tomasi and Bedard and Simone and my good friend Sterling Gates. Over at Marvel too - Bendis and Brubaker and Remender and Fraction. Oh and the brilliant Jason Aaron who straddles both fences. Every week there's something to look forward to.

Honestly what am I excited about? All the above and...

The "Flash Gordon" reprints announced by IDW. Not only a page size the work deserves but with the "Jungle Jim" Alex Raymond strips on the top of the page as they first appeared, reprinted this way for the first time.

Honestly, I'm also super excited what Grant's plans for "Batman Incorporated" and his overriding Batman world-view. He's a genius who managed to put me into a fetal ball of inadequacy every time I read his work while loving ever moment of his vision.

I'd get my dick cut off if I revealed anything, but I'm also very excited by Geoff's vision for "Flashpoint."

And I would be remiss not to mention how excited I am 2011, 12, 13, any year by what Stan Sakai is doing with "Usagi Yojimbo." This series has been going for more than two decades, and it's still as brilliant and unique and alive as the first day it was published.

Oh, and "Scalped" is a masterpiece, but we all know that don't we?

Lastly I am excited with my further plans for the JLA and for the "Shade" maxi-series that I'm currently writing. I can't wait for it to be officially announced and everyone to learn the fantastic artists I'm working with.

Paul Pope, Writer/Artist of "100%"

I'm planning on spending the majority of 2011 working on "Battling Boy" for First Second and my French project for Dargaud, called "Psychenaut," then returning to "THB." 2011 promises to be a busy year for me and hopefully a very productive one. Dargaud and First Second are planning on a two-continent launch for the book and the pressure is on to make "BB" amazing. It's been a lot of work, very challenging. Creating a new superhero.

I want to make mention of a devastatingly good book - "Death-Day" by Sam Hiti. I'm looking forward to reading the next edition, which I believe will be a 2011 release. I'm also looking forward to reading "RASL" by Jeff Smith in its final form.

I also look forward to any new work by Blutch, Christophe Blain, Moebius, and Jean-Claud Mezieres. These days I am partial to French comics.

Ron Marz, Writer of "Artifacts" and CBR Columnist

How about something old, something new and something of mine? Walter Simonson's "Thor" run is pretty much my favorite run in comics ever. I still have the single issues, and I have the trade paperbacks collecting the issues. But I'm dying to get my hands on Marvel's almost 1,200-page "Thor Omnibus" in March. If it just collected all of Walter's issues in a lavish hardcover, that's enough to get my $125 right there. But something I didn't know, until hearing it from Walter himself, is that the entire thing is being scanned from the original art, and re-colored for modern printing. Sweet!

I'll also be first in line for the Hellboy one-shot "Buster Oakley Gets His Wish," illustrated by Kevin Nowlan. Kevin is, to me, one of the handful of genuis illustrators working in comics (along Mike Mignola, of course). Kevin's probably the definition of an artist's artist. It's pretty rare he pencils, inks and colors an entire issue himself, but that's what he's doing here.

As far as my own stuff, I'm looking forward to all of it, but the debut of "Shinku" in May, from Image, is closest to my heart because it's a creator-owned project. "Shinku" is an Eastern horror story, set in present-day Japan, that mashes up vampires, samurai and martials arts. Plus blood. And nudity! I might be a little biased, but I think it's Lee Moder's best artwork ever. We've been working on it for months already, and I'm anxious to finally share it with everybody else.

Phil Hester, Writer of "Wonder Woman" and "Green Hornet"

Well, I will fight the comic book creator proclivity for self-promotion and stick to comics that I have nothing to do with.

Hellboy - I always look forward to whatever Hellboy or BPRD stuff coming down the pike. I learn something about making comics from each new series, especially from Duncan Fregredo, who seems to have found another disgusting level of excellence. I have a feeling something fantastic will happen in the Hellboy universe in 2011. This is based on nothing but the tenor of the series of late. I have no idea what's coming, but as long as Mignola, Fregredo, Arcudi, Stewart, and Davis are on deck, I know it will be awesome.

Dark Horse Presents - This anthology had a huge impact on me as a semi-pro fan some twenty years ago. I had never seen a high quality anthology devoted to action/adventure, but with room for contemplative art pieces before. The fact that it's rolling out again with the likes of Miller, Chadwick, Adams, and Chaykin has reignited that twenty-something exuberance. You can go home again!

Sixth Gun - There may be books I love more, but none I love as much that are in need of greater love from the public at large. Bunn & Hurtt are unleashing something really magical at Oni Press in their truly inventive, macabre western, and it deserves to be a huge hit. Get in on the ground floor of two amazing talents. You'll thank me later. Buy two while you're at it.

Paul Cornell, Writer of "Action Comics" and "Batman and Robin"

I'm delighted that my old friend Steve Lyons has broken into the industry. His "Steel" special will, I'm sure, be the first of many fine comics from him. I'm also looking forward to new work from too many creators to name. It's great that Rob Williams is getting such cool Marvel gigs, and I'd like to see more from Jamie McKelvie and Emma Vieceli at the big companies too.

Eric Wallace, Writer of "Titans"

What I'm looking forward to most comic-wise in 2011? Three things. One: the next project from former "Supergirl" writer Sterling Gates. He just knocked it out of the park on that book, and I can't wait to read whatever he's doing next. Even though he won't tell me. And trust me, I've asked. Second would be the rest of Frank Miller & Jim Lee's "All-Star Batman and Robin" run. Third is the continued growth of the comic book medium into digital markets. I love the fact that I can download a great book and share it with my young cousins. They're the next generation and this is how they're going to read, enjoy, and get inspired by our medium in the 21st century. And that's an exciting thing to be a part of.

Michael Uslan, Film Producer and Writer of "Archie: The Married Life"

2011 will be an exciting year for the "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents" in comics. I think some of the best graphic story-telling today is coming from writer Nick Spencer and the fantastic artists working on the book. Their first story arc concluding with upcoming issue #6 is stunning and while completely contemporary, honors the original run by Wally Wood, Steve Ditko, Gil Kane, Reed Crandall, Dan Adkins, Mike Esposito, Al Williamson, and so many more. Additionally, I look forward to "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives" Volume 7 finally reprinting the great 1980's work by George Perez, Jerry Ordway, Murphy Anderson, Keith Giffen, Dave Cockrum, and others.

2011's most exciting news might be everything happening at the NEW House of Ideas...Archie Comics! The sleeping giant has awakened! The three I'm most pumped about are: the new "Veronica And Betty" Magazine premiering as the companion piece to the huge hit, "Life With Archie" Magazine; the return of Archie as Pureheart with his Pureheart's Emergency Patrol in the pages of the five original MLJ books from The Golden Age of Comics - "Pep Comics," "Blue Ribbon Comics." "Jackpot Comics," "Top-Notch Comics" and "Zip Comics"; and best of all...the expansion of The Archie Multi-Verse with all its secrets as discovered by one seemingly mad scientist known as Dilton Doiley!

The most important development in 2011 will unquestionably be the expansion of the digitization of comic books, re-defining what that experience will provide readers and fans and a new world audience.

My secret guilty pleasure of 2011 will be The DC Archive edition of Shelly Mayer's "Sugar & Spike!" It was my favorite as a kid and has long deserved new attention and permanence. Remember... before there was a "Look Who's Talking" movie or e-trade baby commercials, there was SUGAR & SPIKE!"

Matt Gagnon, Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios

1) I'll be waiting with baited breath for the return of "Criminal." For my money, there's no surer bet for a top notch comic than Ed and Sean. I wonder if either of those fellas knows what an "off-day" feels like? "Criminal" is one of the enduring franchises in comics that never disappoints. Meanwhile, I have "Incognito" to keep me company...

2) Here's one that's just a fanboy dream: a new series written and drawn by Jeff Lemire. I know, "Sweet Tooth" is a gem - and I love it - but I'm greedy. I want more. "Essex County" is hands-down one of my favorite comics of the last ten years. I was a wreck after reading that story (in a good way!). Lemire is in his prime and poised to be one of the great cartoonists of his generation. I want lightning to strike twice in 2011!

3) I'm predicting a monster year for Chris Roberson. I said the same thing last year and it panned out, so I'm thinking it's gonna be an even bigger year for the scribe. It's sort of like an alternate universe where you predict the Houston Texans are going to be good every year and they actually execute (sorry, had to drop that in for all the Texans in our office!). Between "Superman," "iZombie," "Cinderella: Fables Are Forever," and "Stan Lee' Starborn," it's smelling like The Year of Roberson. Oh, and most of important of all, "Elric: The Balance Lost" launches in 2011- which has Chris bringing the groundbreaking fantasy character back to comics in a major way! Trust me, not to be missed. Just venture into your LCS and put "Anything written by Chris Roberson" on your pull list.

JH Williams, Writer and Artist of "Batwoman"

I'm not sure how much these comics will excite others, but I feel they should very much, as they do me. I'm very much looking forward to the following in 2011...

"Love From The Shadows" by Gilbert Hernandez (Fantagraphics)

"The Incal: Classic Collection" by Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius (Humannoids)

"Starstruck Deluxe Edition" by Elaine Lee and Michael Wm. Kaluta (IDW)

"Captain America" by Jack Kirby Omnibus Edition (Marvel)

"Suicide Squad: Trial By Fire" by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell (DC Comics)

"Stumptown Volume One" By Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth (Oni Press)

"Concrete" (returns in the pages of "Dark Horse Presents" in 2011) by Paul Chadwick (Dark Horse)

"Marshal Law Omnibus" by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill (Top Shelf)

"Chew Omnivore Edition" Volume 1 Hardcover by John Layman and Rob Guillory (Image)

Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamite Entertainment

Let me start off by saying that I LOOOOVVVEEEEE event series! From "Crisis on Infinite Earths" to "Secret Wars" to "Infinity Guantlet" to "Secret Invasion," "War of the Green Lanterns," "Civil War," "Spawn/Batman," "Blackest Night," "Civil War," ALL JLA/JSA X-Overs, and the ones with the Legion of Superheroes and earth X and Earth S, and so many more. I REALLY love them! Always have and always will!

Really excited for Geoff John's and Andy Kubert's "Flashpoint." Flash is my favorite all time character, and almost all of the writers on the series have always done an outstanding job. Great writer/artist teams from Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino to Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo to Geoff Johns and many great artists, but especially Ethan Van Sciver (both of whom worked together on my second favorite character - Green Lantern: Rebirth) and now to a team up that is really going to sing - Geoff and Andy. Geoff's been an outstanding writer who has been fortunate to team himself up many great artists, now teaming Andy Kubert (of the comics royalty Kubert family - and they are comics royalty) - long overdue - this is going to be my personal favorite series of the YEAR!

"Fear Itself" from Marvel has all the makings of being a great series. I've said this before, Matt Fraction is a crisp writer who brings a lot of "new-ness" to the characters you already know. Warren Ellis and Adi Granov hit a high for Iron Man that few can hope to achieve, but devil's advocate, Matt and Salvador Larocca matched it, and have had the harder job of having the series longer. It's hard to imagine that the series has been going on for three years already. It just flies and every issue has new twists and allows you to fall in love, feel the suspense, and enjoy the characters you thought you knew. Stuart Immonem is an artist whose work I started appreciating greatly with "Superman Forever," and he's achieved a lot over the years - and "Superman: Secret Identity" with Kurt (Busiek) is just jaw-droppingly unbelievably good. Marvel's had great success teaming up writers and artists with potential who can execute on their biggest projects, and this looks to be no different.

2011 is a year where the comics market can turn itself around, with great product coming from all companies. These creators are raising the bar. Now we all have to work hard to get there as well.

Paul Tobin, Writer of "Spider-Girl"

Let's see... on the home front, I'm excited about putting out the "Gingerbread Girl" OGN. It's coming out from Top Shelf, and Colleen Coover is the artist. I love working with her. And... I'm really looking forward to continuing the tale of Anya Corazon in "Spider-Girl." My other "best super cool" things can't be spoken of, so I'll say that I'm also REALLY looking forward to Rick Remender's work on "Venom," a character that previously didn't interest me all that much. And wherever Jeff Parker finds himself, I'll follow. The artist team of Kerascoet are new favorites of mine since their work on the 1st two volumes of "Miss Don't Touch Me." Hub's work on "Okko" gets me excited every time. And... of course... the great joy of amazing projects (whether my own, or from others) is that they sneak up from the blue, sometimes, hiding in corners and leaping out unexpectedly.

Jim Zubkavich, Writer of "Skullkickers"

I predict Ray Fawkes' "One Soul" is going to knock people out with its innovative storytelling premise and emotional content. This book will be analyzed and explored for years to come. Ray's been slowly building up his body of work over the past few years and I expect he'll be breaking out in a big way in 2011.

I'm hungry for more "Locke & Key." Every issue knocks me on my ass with its quality and consistency. The core concept is intricately layered and Joe Hill cranks up the tension and emotion with each chapter. I'm crossing my fingers that the TV show goes ahead and is as just as amazing as the comics. Everyone should have this series on their reading list.

"The Sixth Gun" consistently delivers on its supernatural-western premise with compelling characters, atmospheric locales and a rich mythology all its own. I can't wait to get my hands on the first collected volume and re-read the story in one sitting. Other publishers need to stretch their wings and embrace a wide variety of genres the way Oni has.

I was sad to see "Astounding Wolfman" wrap up, but I have to admit that my inner 11-year-old is pumped to experience "Super Dinosaur." The industry needs new ideas and accessible kid-friendly material to ensure that a new generatio of readers experience the medium. Having Kirkman spearhead "Super Dinosaur" and Bendis bring out "Takio" in 2011 is definitely a step in the right direction. I'll be buying up plenty of copies of both for my nieces and nephews.

Rob Guillory, Artist on "Chew"

1) "Takio" by Brian Michael Bendis & Mike Oeming:An all-ages comic from the "Powers" team? SOLD. This just looks like great fun, and Oeming's work has never looked more vivid.

2) "Furry Water And The Sons Of The Insurrection" by Rafael Grampá and Daniel Pellizzari:LOVED Grampa's "Mesmo Delivery," so I am completely onboard for this miniseries. Grampa's got an elegant, rich style that is a breath of fresh air in a comics industry over-saturated by capes and spandex. The guy's just amazing.

3) "Sweets" TPB by Kody Chamberlain:Yeah, this is a series that began in 2010, but I foresee it getting second life in collected trade paperback format. "Sweets" is dense with thrills, subtle story-telling and a straight-up Hitchcock-ian mood. Kody's filled the book with nothing by tender loving care, and it shows.

Chris Eliopoulos, Letterer and Writer of "Pet Avengers"

One of the first things I'm looking forward to is seeing "Takio" on the shelves. I've long been a proponent of all-ages comics and now having the weight of a top creator like Brian creating a book for that market shines a light for the industry on a much-neglected market. I can't wait to see the reaction from his fans.

Looking forward to "Bone: Quest for the Spark." Any chance to see more Jeff Smith art has me.

Then, of course, the "Peanuts" and "Bloom County" collections.

J.T. Krul, Writer of "Green Arrow"

"Lady Mechanika" - Joe Benitez has created an incredible world full of action, intrigue and all things steampunk. He's turning in the work of his career and with Peter Steigerwald on colors, I know it's going really shine.

Scott Snyder - This is a two-for-one because right now Scott is delivering some amazing writing on "American Vampire" and "Detective Comics." He came out of the gate strong on both - bringing some fresh energy. And he gets to work with Rafael Albuquerque and Jock. Not too shabby.

Tommy Lee Edwards, Artist of "TURF"

I'm really looking forward to what certain artist friends are doing in 2011. Even though the writing seems shit, I know that "Supergirl" will look great with Bernard Chang. John Paul Leon has a great Batman project in the works for DC. I can't wait to see what David Lafuente tackles next after "Ultimate Spider-Man," and I want more Sean Murphy post "Joe the Barbarian." I've got a superhero series and a Rocketeer project in the works with my "TURF" collaborator Jonathan Ross. So I'm excited about that, too!

Jonathan Maberry, Writer of "Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher"

I'm really looking forward to seeing how my buddy David Liss will continue to roll out the adventures of "Black Panther, Man Without Fear." It's a challenge to put another character in place of the one everyone expects, but David is an Edgar Award-winning author and a superb storyteller. I'm psyched that Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden are back with more tales of "Baltimore."..I expect the "Curse Bells" to be amazing. In March, IDW will roll out a print anthology of GI Joe stories written by Max Brooks, Jon McGoran, Duane Swiercznski, Dennis Tafoya and me. Should be fun. And I'm jazzed about my own miniseries launching in January, "Captain America: Hail Hydra." I've been working with five different artists on that series and that's been a total blast.

Andy Schmidt, Editor at IDW, Owner of Comics Experience school

There's a lot to look forward to, Jonah. I think we're seeing a lot of really great things coming from the indy publishers and creators. I'm reading more non-superhero comics than ever before. It's not that the superhero stuff is bad, it's actually been quite good for the last several years. It's been enjoying a renaissance lately, and I think the other creators in the industry are responding in kind now. This is going to be a huge year for some folks. So here's my list:

More "Locke & Key" comics!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the "G.I. Joe" event "Cobra Civil War" that launches with a new #0 issue in April. That's going to blow Joe fans away.

I'm very curious to see what newish writers Nick Spencer, Jim McCann, Nathan Edmondson are doing. From Nick, more "Morning Glories," but I also want to see his "Infinite Vacation," and I'd love to see more books like his "Forgetless" which seems a little more over-looked. Edmondson shows great promise with his diverse books like "Olympus," "The Light," and now "Who Is Jake Ellis?" which looks just fantastic.

I'm looking forward to more "Halcyon" by Marc Guggenheim. I think this is a really refreshing take on super heroes.

"Stuff of Legend" by Mike Raicht, Brian Smith and Charles Paul Wilson III. It is kind of a "Toy Story" for adults. Really great stuff.

Jay Faerber, Writer of "Dynamo 5"

"Super Dinosaur" from Image Comics, by Robert Kirkman & Jason Howard. This thing just looks like a ton of fun. I like the range Robert is attempting to display, with his definintely-for-adults "Walking Dead," his teens-and-up "Invincible" and now "Super Dinosaur," which is intended for all-ages. And that doesn't automatically mean "only for little kids." I haven't read the book yet, but I trust that Robert can craft a story that appeals equally to the average comic book reader (who, let's face it, aren't kids anymore), plus the younger crowd. And let's not forget Jason Howard, who kicked all kinds of ass on "Astounding Wolf-Man" and whose designs for "Super Dinosaur" look amazing.

"Savage Dragon" from Image Comics, by Erik Larsen. Remember when we all started reading super-hero comics, and it felt like anything could happen? We hadn't yet realized that Marvel and DC were all about "the illusion of change" rather than real, lasting change. Well, "Savage Dragon" is the book where, literally, anything can happen. And lately, that's never been more true. The recent "Emperor Dragon" storyline has been a true game-changer, with more jaw-dropping I-can't-believe-he-did-that moments in one issue than in an entire year of most other comics. Plus, the book's just fun and action-packed. Erik's art is pretty much the definition of "kinetic." Do yourself a favor and check it out.

"Stumptown" from Oni Press, by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth. With this book, I feel like Greg and Matthew reached into my brain and pulled out my dream book: an interesting, quirky private eye tackling complex cases in a real-life setting (Portland, OR). It's just fantastic. The book's currently on hiatus, but I'm pretty sure we'll see Dex tackle another case in 2011. Anyone who likes Rucka's "Queen & Country" or Brubaker & Phillips' "Criminal" (another favorite of mine) should definitely check this out.

Jeff Lemire, "Sweet Tooth," "Superboy"

There's a lot of great stuff to look forward to in 2011...I'm really happy that my friends Matt Kindt, Emi Lenox and Nate Powell are joining me on "Sweet Tooth" for issue #19, and I'm also happy that each has a new project of their own to look forward to. Emi's "Emitown" GN just came out from Image, and it's great to see her finally breaking through and getting the attention her work deserves. Matt has about a half dozen books in the works, but I'm especially looking forward to his "Strange Crimes" GN from First Second and his top secret Dark Horse project. And Nate is hard at work on "Any Empire" his next Top Shelf GN.

I also can't wait for Dave McKean's second large format comics work, "Culluloid" by Dark Horse and the English translation of Mattotti's "Stigmata" from Fantagraphics.

On the more "mainstreamy" side of things I'm looking forward to more amazing "Detective Comics" by my buddy Scott Snyder and the amazing art team of Jock, Dave Baron and Francesco Francavillia. I also am really excited about DC's "Flashpoint" event. Geoff Johns has crafted quite an amazing story and gathered a great group of creators to help him out, and I'm lucky enough to be a part of that group! Should be a great year!

I'm also doing a new short story for Vertigo that I can't wait to announce!

Alex Segura, Archie Comics, Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing

On the Archie front, I'm psyched for the "Jinx" feature in "Life With Archie Magazine" and the new "Mega Man" series, more new and topical stuff in the regular Archie titles, digital-only "Reggie" stories, plus a few things I can't mention just yet. Very exciting times here in Riverdale, if you hadn't noticed. Looking forward to more "Stumptown" from Greg Rucka and Matt Southworth, the Batman titles from DC, more "American Vampire" at Vertigo, IDW's jaw-droppingly beautiful Dan DeCarlo and Stan Goldberg Archie hardcovers, Sean Collins' "Destructor," more of Cameron Stewart's "Sin Titulo," all things "Achewood" and "The Abominable Charles Christopher" and pretty much anything from my very talented friends Jim McCann, Duane Swierczynski, Nikki Cook, Brian Wood, Ben McCool, Justin Aclin, Christine Norrie, Jock and Francesco Francavilla.

Bryan Talbot, Writer/Artist of "Grandville"

The only project I know anything about other than mine, is the new graphic novel by Hannah Berry, to be published by my UK publisher Jonathan Cape. I don't know the title but it's a ghost story. If it's anything like her debut GN, "Britten and Brulightly," also published in the USA by Dark Horse, I think, it'll be great. As for myself, I'm currently drawing a non-fiction graphic novel (silly definition, I know, but it's used in the business) written by by wife, Dr. Mary M Talbot. It should be out by summer.

B. Clay Moore, Writer of "Hawaiian Dick"

"The Sixth Gun," by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, which follows their fantastic "The Damned" (both from Oni), is already six issues in, but anyone who missed out on the single issues needs to get caught up with the first trade (out soon) and then stick with it after that. As good as anything on the stands, I think.

Harold Sipe, Christopher Sebela and Lee Leslie are following up Harold and Hector Casanova's "Screamland" book with a sequel at Image. The original was a favorite read a couple of years ago that deserved more attention.

Rick Remender and Tony Moore are working some things up for their new "Venom" book that sound "man, I wish I'd thought of that!" awesome. On the heels of "Frankencastle," I'm hoping it finds a big audience, but it doesn't hurt to remind people to look for it.

And Tony Harris and I should finally get "The Further Adventures of The Whistling Skull" rolling over at DC this coming year.

Skottie Young, Artist of "Ozma of OZ"

"Santa Claus Vs. The Martians" by Benito Cereno & James HarrenAs far as I know, this was supposed to be out this Christmas but as most of know, putting together comics is a hard business. They ran into some hurdles and instead of releasing this in Jan or Feb, they've planted their feet firmly in the holiday spirit and decided to hold off until next X-Mas. So, this is a ways off, but man, Harren's artwork is just amazing. I've been stepping in to the role of writer recently and James is one of the first people I'll be begging to work with on a project. This book is going to be fun. You can see a preview of it here.

"Battling Boy" by Paul PopeOk, so I don't know if this is actually coming out in 2011 but for the sake of this little feature let's pretend that it is. (If it doesn't, we'll deal with my lies next year) From the few images and peeks I've seen from this, it looks like the kind of fun cartooning I enjoy over and over again. Bring it on!

"Ratfist" by Doug TennapelDoug is stepping into the world of webcomics. The thing I love about Doug, (and the term love borders on line of envy in this case) is his ability to take one of the million ideas he has in his head and lay down on paper. He doesn't seem to suffer from the "second guess" disease the rest of us do. He just does it. So along side of this annual graphic novels, he's jumping in with a web comic. Good fun.

Chris Roberson, Writer of "Superman" And "iZombie"

I'm looking forward to a LOT of great new stuff in 2011 (or "Eleven," as I'm insisting on calling it), but there are a few in particular.

"Witch Doctor," Brandon Seifert and Lukas KetnerI've been a fan of Seifert and Ketner's since I first saw a "Witch Doctor" short up on Whitechapel, and was SUPER jazzed to hear that the book was going to be one of the first releases from Robert Kirkman's new Skybound imprint. Witch Doctor is the story of a doctor who saves the world with magic and medicine--essentially, like Doctor Strange if he approached fighting evil the same way he approached fighting disease in the body--and based on the first few stories I've read it promises to be AWESOME.

"Americus," MK Reed and Jonathan HillThough it won't be published in book form by First Second until this fall, MK Reed and Jonathan Hill have actually been serializing their comic "Americus" online for the last few months, and from the first pages I was hooked. It's the story of a kid in small town Oklahoma who fights to keep his favorite fantasy book series from being pulled off the shelves of the town library by fundamentalists.

"Power Lunch," J. Torres and Dean TrippeI've been a fan of J. Torres's work since the days of "Siren" and "Love In Tights," and I compulsively pick up anything that's got his name attached to it, but in particular I love his all-ages work. When I heard that Torres was going to be doing an all-ages superhero book for Oni, I was sold. But when I heard that the art was going to be provided by Dean Trippe, one of my absolute favorite artists, I got REALLY excited. To make things even more awesome, it turns out that the Oni FCBD offering this spring will contain a prequel story to "Power Lunch," so hopefully even more readers will be linedup to buy copies of the book when it hits shelves later in the year.

Gabriel Ba, Artist of "Casanova "

Here are three things I'm really looking forward to see this year:

"Habibi" by Craig Thompson, to be published by Pantheon

I've seen some of the artwork and it's amazing to see how Craig did such an improvement as an artist. His technique is impressive. I didn't want to read the story before it was finished and now I can't wait to get my hands on this massive work. Blankets took me so much by surprise with its emotional depth and expressive artwork that I can only imagine what he could do in HABIBI to take it to the next step.

"Battling Boy" by Paul Pope, to be published by First Second

I love everything he does and I love how different and fresh every new work from him can be, at the same time it carries his unmistakable signature. Comics can be fun and amaze the readers and that's what Paul Pope has been doing with this industry over the years.

"Killjoys" by Gerard Way, Shaun Simon and Becky Cloonan, to be published by Dark Horse

I'm preety sure I'm not the only one waiting to see this series see the light of day. I love the Gerard's creative force and Becky is just one of the most versatile artists on the field. The share the punk rock attitude towards life and comics that can always result in unforgettable pieces of work. Had been announced in 2009, it's the younger of the titles I'm waiting to see, but the anticipation is killing me.

Nate Cosby, Editor of "Thor: The Mighty Avenger"

I'm looking forward to 2011 comics. It feels like a lot of people are realizing they can make a quality work and put it online for free (or a small fee) and get it out there in the world for no cost other than their time. So the thing I'm most looking forward to is opening a digital comic and being wowed by a creative team I've never heard of, creating a thing just because they've got a cool story and wanted to share it.

But I still love me some print comics, so I'm jazzed about seeing Kurt Busiek/John Paul Leon's "Batman: Creature Of The Night" (Kurt's follow-up to the amazing "Superman: Secret Identity," hopefully coming in '11), and I'm expecting big things from Phil Hester's "Wonder Woman" run (PLEASE draw something in 2011, ok Phil? We miss it). Ben McCool & Nikki Cook's "Memoir" from Image is gonna be very cool, and I can't wait to read Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover's "Gingerbread Girl." And I'm crossing my fingers that Roger Langridge has time to do some comics this year. The medium ain't the same when he's not in it.

Alex Grecian, Writer of "Proof"

Too long a list. Some highlights...

  • The return of "Dark Horse Presents"
  • Jonathan Hickman's big plans for "The Fantastic Four"
  • Geoff Johns's big Flash event
  • Hester and Haun on "The Darkness"
  • B. Clay Moore and Tony Harris's "Whistling Skull" for DC
  • Another Parker book from Darwyn Cooke (IDW)
  • My end-of-the-world ongoing series with artist Riley Rossmo

And too many more to name. It's gonna be an expensive year for me!

Michael McMillian, "True Blood" Actor and Writer of "LUCID"

n 2011 I'm most excited to read Archaia's next book with Before the Door, "Mr. Murder is Dead" written by Victor Quinaz. Victor is a very talented writer and I have heard it's an amazing script. Archaia also has a couple other cool books I'm looking forward to including, "Elegy for Amelia Johnson," a black and white romance book and "A Tale of Sand" which based on an unproduced Jim Henson screenplay! Personally, I'm very happy to see the second half of my magic miniseries "LUCID" hit stores and the second volume of "True Blood" kick-off, which I'm co-writing with the talented Marc Andreyko. I'm very proud of both books! I hope readers will enjoy them.

Tom Wheeler, Creator of NBC's "The Cape"

Of the more mainstream stuff I have to say I'm getting real interested in whatever Jonathan Hickman is writing. I'm loving his run on "FF" with Epting art to boot! Psyched for that run in 2011. Also think "SHIELD" is a terrific concept. They should make that an on-going if they haven't already.

"Fear Itself?" I'm ready. Happy to see Matt Fraction is getting handed one of these giganto-crossovers.

Looking forward to Frank Miller's "Xerxes" and that Lone Ranger/Zorro team-up. As a kid I was a real Lone Ranger fanatic.

Hopefully more "Incognito!"

I will throw out a shameless plug for our digital "Cape" comic book because it's a pretty damn cool story with outstanding Michael Gaydos interior art and a beautiful Alex Maleev cover. Read the comic book that inspires Vince Faraday to become the Cape! Should be up this week on nbc.com.

Bill Morrison, Artist of "Lady Robotika"

I'm really looking forward to the new ongoing "Batwoman" series. I loved the Batwoman run in "Detective Comics," and can't wait to see what follows. I'm not very familiar with J.H. Williams III's writing, but I found his artwork on the Batwoman strip inspirational, especially his page designs. So I know I'll really dig the art at the very least.

IDW's "Rocketeer" series has me very excited too. I'm a little torn about the idea of other artists and writers taking a stab at Dave's characters though. On one hand, his work was so perfect I want it to just stand as it is. But I love the characters so much, that I think they really deserve to live on after their creator. Plus, IDW has assembled some terrific talent, so I believe Cliff and Betty are in very good hands.

Sergio Aragones' "Funnies" is a new ongoing series that not many people may know about, but it's coming from Bongo Comics this year and will most likely premiere at Comic-Con International San Diego. As the book's editor, I hope I'm not coming off as self-serving by mentioning it here, but I'd be talking about it anyway, just as a Sergio fan! This book will be completely written and drawn by Sergio and will be unrelated to "The Simpsons." He'll continue to write and draw Simpsons stories as well, but this will just be Sergio doing what he does best; drawing the funniest cartoons in the universe!

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Mike Malve, Retailer of Atomic Comics

Why are you asking a comic book retailer this question? My guess is you know I will hold no punches and have a big mouth and maybe say something I am not supposed to say.

Well as a retailer I want to see Big sellers of course. David Finch doing a Batman book lived up to the hype and David delivered a great story as well without scrimping on his incredible art. Matt Fraction's run on Iron Man has been the best must-read month after month for the last couple of years in my opinion. And now the next big blockbuster out of Marvel will be Matt on "Fear Itself." And with Ed Brubaker writing the prelude how can this not be a must-read?

Speaking of Ed. do he and Sean Phillips work well together or what? New "Incognito" is on the stands right now, but I can't wait to see some more "Criminal" by the pair. Whatever they decide to do, I will always be begging to see more. Icon books have all done great and are always the top of my read pile.

Bendis and Mark Millar will continue their creator owned stuff their along with Fraction but something that really has me excited is that Jonathan Hickman has at least five new indie books he will be launching this year. I can't wait. Based on all his past work and his current runs on "FF," "Secret Warriors" and "Shield," all five of those books are going to be worth a serious look.

Back to Bendis and Millar..."Death of Spider-man"! The stuff I have heard about this will really knock everyone for a loop and bring readers into comic shops for months looking for this issue and its aftermath!

But the biggest book I am looking forward to is undoubtly what Jim Lee and Geoff Johns have been planning for the last couple of years. I hear this is the year we finally get to see these two giants work together and I am already counting my sales.

Personally, I would love to see more "Beasts of Burden" by Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin over at Dark Horse, some new "Godzilla" stuff over at IDW--I LOVE ME MY GIANT MONSTERS!--and I am pulling for the new Image launch of Tim Selley's "Hack/Slash." That guy has worked his ass off these past few years and am happy he is finally getting some much deserved respect with this book.

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