More covers from Marvel: Ghost Rider #5 and Brotherhood #6

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You know the drill: Just too much cool cover art to fit in our catalog...but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be enjoyed by our Fearless Front Facers!

Cover by Trent Kaniuga & Danny MikiDevin Grayson (w)/Trent Kaniuga (p)/Danny Miki (i)

On the run from the hired killer Gunmetal Gray, time's running out for Johnny Blaze! Barely one step ahead of the mean mother biker who's been paid to end his life, Johnny finally comes face-to-face with the barrel of Gray's shotgun! So how will this lethal encounter reveal the truth of what Ghost Rider has really meant in his life? "No tricky sub-plots, no thumb-sucking introspection, no snarled continuity -- this Ghost Rider is a pedal-to-the-metal, rip-roaring Road Trip from Hell. Recommended." -CaptainComics.net On Sale Oct. 17th (MarvelPGplus) $2.99

Painted Cover by Glenn FabryX (w)/Leonardo Manco (p)/Jimmy Palmiotti (i)

Transcript of an Interpol emergency line tape: "My name is Tanya. I am a mutant and a soldier of The Brotherhood. This is a message for Malcolm Reeves, the man who I once thought of as my father. Daddy, you lied to me. Lied about everything. About who I am, about who you are... about my mother! The world is full of too many lies ... too many liars! Today a cell of the Brotherhood lashed out at the liars. Many were killed -- men, women, and even children of the lie. Unfortunate, but this is what the lies beget. The revolution has begun. We will meet again, daddy. And then the lies will end. Long live the Brotherhood. Long live the revolution!"On Sale Oct. 31st (MarvelPG) $2.25

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