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More Final Issues of Comic Books That Showed What Would Have Happened

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More Final Issues of Comic Books That Showed What Would Have Happened

In Drawing Crazy Patterns, I spotlight at least five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics). Today, we look at how some more Comic Book final issues show possible futures!

You see, a lot of times comic book series end before the writers of the series are finished with all of their plans for the series (including times when writer’s runs are cut short in series that kept going under new writers). In instances like these, there are occasions when the writer will then spend the last issue letting the readers know what would have happened had the comic book not been canceled. This has happened a number of times, so I already spotlighted five examples in an earlier edition of this feature and now I’ll do five more. Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to suggest more! Maybe I can do a third edition of this theme!

We open up with a suggestion by reader Randy B. It is the bizarre ending of Steve Englehart’s run on Fantastic Four. So, Englehart was basically fired from the book, so he did this weird little protest for his last few issues. In Fantastic Four #330 (art by Rich Buckler and Romeo Tanghal), Englehart (writing under a pseudonym, John Harkness, as a protest over the situation) has the Fantastic Four captured by Aron the Rogue Watcher, who then puts them into containment tubes and then sees their “dreams”…

The dreams, of course, are what Englehart would have done had he stayed on the book. This went on for FOUR ISSUES!

In Fantastic Four #332, we see that Crystal would have returned to the team, now single again and things would have not gone well…

It all ends with the Fantastic Four, plus all the other characters Englehart had had long runs on their books at Marvel (Captain America, Doctor Strange, the West Coast Avengers) travel to Englehart’s home for him to get a chance to say goodbye…

You have to give Marvel credit for letting Englehart do that kind of farewell.

Green Lantern: Mosaic was about a world made up of cities from all over the universe. Their respective worlds started to make waves about them still being there and there seemed to be leading to a big conflict. Instead, it was all wrapped up right away and then Gerard Jones explains what WOULD have happened in the book by John Stewart “telling a story”….

The book was supposed to go until #25, so Jones had to compress seven issues into one. Luke McDonnell had taken over as the artist on the book as the original artist, Cully Hamner, moved on to a new assignment when the book was canceled. The series ends with John Stewart becoming a Guardian of the Universe.

Troublemakers was a fun book by Valiant when they rebooted their universe in the mid-1990s under Fabian Nicieza’s tenure as Editor-in-Chief (Nicieza and Kenny Martinez invented the Troublemakers). The final issue of the series, #19, drawn by Kevin West and Dan Davis, wrapped up not just the Troublemakers’ story but also the entire rebooted Valiant Universe, showing what happened to all the other Valiant characters from a reporter in the near future…

It then also wrapped up the Troublemakers themselves. This isn’t really a “What would have happened” so much as the other stuff in the issue was…

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