More 'Blue Monday' coming from Oni in 2003

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[Blue Monday]Oni Press is pleased to announce the details in the final installment of the recent run of holiday-themed BLUE MONDAY one-shots. Series creator Chynna Clugston-Major will team with the publisher to release NOBODY'S FOOL in February. The regular-sized comic will be broken into two stories, one for Saint Patrick's Day and one for April Fool's Day.

"We went round and round on what to do for the final special," commented Oni editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "There was talk of Easter, to see what Chynna would do to the Easter bunny and the holiest of holidays, but our two favorite choices were St. Patty's and April Fool's. Finally, we decided to just do both."

"Holiday stories are fun, because for some reason, we make these days where everyone acts their goofiest," Clugston-Major said. "I don't know why we do it. It's some inherent flaw in the species, I think, where we like to behave like idiots and need to have something to blame it on. Hence your funny uncle getting too drunk at Christmas and puking on the plants. With these holidays, I figured we had the opportunity to see some morons get really, really drunk…and well, we all know how the BLUE MONDAY kids act when they decide to mess with each other."

In the St. Patrick's story, Clover attempts to celebrate her favorite day while avoiding the drunken louts of her small North California town. "Green beer turns people into goons," Clugston-Major explained.

The second story sees Victor looking to relive his shameful past as a goth as part of the day's pranks-only to have everyone in the gang fall for it a little too hard. "Victor used to be a boo-hoo boy because he thought it would get him chicks," Clugston-Major said. "But once he learned better, he quickly broke out of that lifestyle. If he has to give up his cool clothes and porkpie hats, this time he'll really be depressed!"

"This is going to be it for BLUE MONDAY in 2003," Rich concluded, "so we wanted it to be a real bang. It was a challenge to see how much fun we could pack into one comic. It's straight into SCOOTER GIRL for Chynna after this, but don't worry. After those six comics, it's back to Jefferson High for another full-length BLUE MONDAY adventure. It's gonna be swell.

BLUE MONDAY: NOBODY'S FOOL is a 32 page one-shot, and it retails for $2.95. It features an all-new, color cover by Chynna Clugston-Major and colorist Guy Major. This comic is intended for mature readers and scheduled to ship to comic book stores on February 29, 2003.

Fans should also keep their eyes peeled for the supercool BLUE MONDAY patch, available from Oni Press in December.

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