More About Gonzo Frank Miller Written, Other Person Drawn Comics- This Just Blew My Mind

And also left me quaking in bone chilling horror for a bit.

Apparently, Elektra: Assassin fits in to Marvel Continuity. Well, according to wikipedia, so disclaimer to have your salts at the ready. And it's a really tenuous connection. And the descriptions of the issues it supposedly ties in to are like tiny ice daggers in my veins.

But still; some guy who did an Avengers index supposedly says it ties together, according to some other guy on wikipedia. The idea that Elektra: Assassain is something that is supposed to have happened in the same universe a character named Umbu the Unliving exists in really freaks me out. I can't even rationally articulate why, other than that I've always written that story off as some crazy fever dream Miller had for Bill Sienkiewicz to draw. Which I will still do. I find continuity pretty malleable; my canon is pretty much only the stories I care about reading about. But it still freaks me out that people who care too much about this thing I onely deride consider one story as part of their canon. Weirdoes!

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