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At the blog for the comic, they updated with some descriptions of the cast of the series...


Josh Sands: One of the founders of comiccritics.com, Josh is a diehard super hero fan clinging to the fading vestiges of that once mighty genre. He's 23, with a bachelor's degree in Communications that is only slightly less useless than the envelope it still resides in. Just to complete the sad cliche that is his life, Josh works in a small neighborhood comic shop.

Marissa Goldman: Another one of the site's founders, Marissa's interests lean towards independent comics, though she also enjoys poetry and classic literature. She's 25 and works at a Booktopia, a trendy new book store/coffee house franchise that she hates. Marissa is also pursuing an undergraduate degree in American Lit.

Jamal: Little is known about the Comic Critics web designer. And what is known is...unsettling. He's quite technologically adept, and prone to fits of maniacal rage and paranoia. His arch-enemies include balloons and cats.

So far, sounds good to me!

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