<i>Morbius: The Living Vampire</i> inducts Keatinge and Elson into the 'Vampire Comic Club'

Spinning out of his recent appearances in Amazing Spider-Man, Morbius the Living Vampire will once again sink his teeth into an ongoing series. Starting in January, the character who first antagonized Spider-man in Amazing Spider-Man #101 by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane will appear in a new comic by Hell Yeah writer Joe Keatinge and Journey into Mystery artist Richard Elson.

The new series starts in January and was announced at the Amazing Spider-Man panel today during Fan Expo Canada.

"What Dan Slott and company has been doing with Morbius lately has injected a new life into the character and I was already adoring it," Keatinge told Newsarama. "Dan really, really gets what motivates a character in the Marvel Universe, especially in the Spider-Man corner. In said corner, they're largely all tragic characters trying to do better. In the case of Peter Parker, the result is usually for the greater good. In Morbius' case, everything just keeps going to Hell. As a writer, there's a lot to work with."

Although he started as a villain, Morbius was always more of a flawed character who got a raw deal vs. being an actual bad guy. A biochemest with a rare blood disease, Morbius ended up giving himself vampire-like powers and bloodthirstiness when he tried to cure himself. When he wasn't fighting Spider-Man, you could find him teaming up with the Legion of Monsters or even starring in his own series as a part of the 1990s "Rise of the Midnight Sons" crossover event.

Morbius isn't the only vampire (or vampire-like, to be precise) character at the Big Two starring in his own title. There was a fun exchange on Twitter earlier today between Keatinge and Joshua Hale Fialkov, where the I, Vampire writer welcomed Keatineg to the "superhero vampire fold":

And if the team-up between Keatinge and Elson sounds familiar, the duo was set to create a new Thanos: Son of Titan series earlier this year that ended up being canceled, at least for the time being.

Watch for more details on the new Morbius title tomorrow morning on CBR.

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