REPORT: Morbius Film Will Not Impact Jared Leto's Joker Projects

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Despite signing on for Morbius, Suicide Squad star Jared Leto is set to continue playing the Joker in Warner Bros.' DC Extended Universe.

While it's currently unknown just how many appearances the actor has left on his contract, there are multiple films in development that are said to include his iconic villain, including a Harley & Joker-centric film, Suicide Squad 2 and a solo film that is completely separate from the Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix. Of course, with Warner Bros. reportedly overhauling its DC plans following the poor box office for Justice League, it remains to be seen just how many of those films come to fruition. Either way, Leto is still very much on board the DCEU and will continue to portray the Joker going forward.

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According to Variety, "Leto has been busy setting up a film slate that includes a solo Joker movie at Warner Bros. Sources say this film [Morbius] does not affect that role."

It's worth noting that, prior to Morbius, Leto was said to be up for the lead role in Bloodshot, indicating he's been eager to branch out beyond his role as the Joker. A deal, of course, was never made between Sony and Leto for that film, and the starring role later went to Vin Diesel.

Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff film Morbius will be directed by Daniel Espinosa from a screenplay by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama. As it stands, the film currently does not have a release date. Leto is rumored to make his next appearance as the Joker in the upcoming Birds of Prey starring Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

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