Moore Announces "Rachel Rising"

From the engaging epic journey of his signature heroines Katchoo and Francine in "Strangers In Paradise" through the overwhelming adventures of unlikely sci-fi star Julie in "Echo," cartoonist Terry Moore has made his name in comics by developing relatable, realistic female characters. And for his next project, the artist will explore a different kind of female lead: a woman who's already dead.

Today, via Twitter and his own blog, Moore announced "Rachel Rising," a new comic series to be published through his own Abstract Studio label. CBR News reached out to the artist immediately upon hearing the news for more info.

"This one will be ongoing because I'm developing a character and a whole world that I want a lot of open possibilities with," Moore told CBR News. "I'm going for another genre that I love a lot. What I'm doing is that I'm still doing what I do with my character work, but like I've added a touch of sci-fi or what have you [to past projects], this one leans towards horror. And it's not like gory horror or splatter. It's more like, 'This is not a town where you want to be on the streets at night.'"

"I'm going to reveal things as I go," the artist continued, saying the book's first issue will likely ship in July. "Rachel is a woman who wakes up one morning in the woods and realizes that she's sitting on a freshly dug shallow grave. She freaks out, digs up some of the dirt and realizes the person in the grave is her. The story goes from there, showing how she goes back into down to figure out what's going on. This is a woman who has died, but she's back. And she remembers who killed her. That's the starting point for the first issue."

"I'm very excited about it. The stuff that's coming and the scenes in my head are like...I get really excited when I have a scene in my head that I haven't seen on TV or in a movie, and I have a bunch of those for this. It's like the time that Katchoo set a grave on fire for her stepfather who had raped her. I had never seen that scene anywhere in media before, and I was so excited to think of it and draw it. I have several of those in mind for the first three issues of 'Rachel Rising.' And the title is very apropos of all that."

Stay tuned to CBR for more on "Rachel Rising" as it becomes available, and see Moore at this weekend's Chicago Comics And Entertainment Expo.

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