Moore and Leach's 'Warpsmiths' head up 'A1' resurrection

[Warpsmiths]Atomeka's revival plans for a new series of its groundbreaking anthology "A1" will start later this year when the first of two collections of the first series is released.

To repeat the original first issue, Alan Moore and Garry Leach's second co-creation, ˜The Warpsmiths" (the first being Miracleman) will grace the cover. But it will not be a reprint cover, just it won't be a reprint story (well, not entirely).

The original story by Alan and Garry in "A1" #1 was in fact an epilogue to a two-part story the pair did for Warrior. It was not out of place in A1 as the original material was not that old, but now, nearly 20 years after the Warrior stories appeared and none of the artwork available, Garry decided to redraw it.

Like Marvelman (Miracleman), V For Vendetta, and Axel Pressbutton, the Warpsmiths first started as a strip in the UK magazine anthology "Warrior." The Warpsmiths are a group who protects the universe at the behest of a triumvirate of god like beings known as the Black Warpsmiths.

There were three episodes run. A two parter and a stand-alone. The two-parter was meant to be a three-parter but the third part, that dealt with sexual issues and called for several Warpsmiths to be seen naked, was not run. Warrior was a newsstand publication and often had to censor the work of some of its creators.

When Garry Leach and myself created the anthology "A1" Garry wanted to finish the story he had started with Alan. Warrior was at the time well known enough for us not to worry about reprinting the earlier material.

Now as Garry and myself prepare to launch "A1" again, starting with two reprint volumes of series one (the second was produced for Marvel). The decision was made to reprint the whole story, but as the artwork doesn't exist any more and no reproducible copies kept, Garry is redrawing it and putting some of the material back in that the original space constraints forced out. The story that was written nearly twenty years ago and only now will be seen as these two creators originally envisaged it.

The Warpsmiths later became involved with the Miracleman storyline and were used on loan.

Garry Leach has been working recently as inker on Hitman, Monarchy and Howard The Duck. He is currently penciling and inking the first episode of Warren Ellis' "Global Frequency".

The first series of "A1" ran six issues and one special. The second series ran four issues in colour from Epic/Marvel. The new series will be a series of specials when, and only when, we have enough good material to solicit them. Based on current interest, that should still be fairly frequently.

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