Moonstone to publish comics based on the legendary radio thriller 'I Love A Mystery.'

Official Press Release


Do Not Fail to listen to the exciting program " I LOVE A MYSTERY"

Carlton E. Morse's hair-raising, teeth-chattering thrillers that have all America on the edge of its chair!!! (radio ad from 1940)

"The old-time radio series, "I Love A Mystery," written, produced and directed by Carlton E. Morse, is considered by many as the greatest radio adventure series ever!" It ran from 1939-1953, and there were four movies (three in the late 1940's and one in 1966) to boot!Who could not love a show with such luridly shudder-pulpy titles as "Temple of Vampires", "The Pirate Loot of the Island of Skulls", "Bury Your Dead Arizona", & The Thing that Cries in the Night ?

"I Love a Mystery" featured three memorable rough and tumble seekers of fun, mayhem and adventure; Jack, Doc and Reggie. A combination of the Three Musketeers and Robin Hood all rolled into one, the three considered themselves Soldiers of Fortune with a difference, ones with a conscience and a morality to adhere to. The three had originally met while fighting for the losing side during the Japanese occupation of Manchuria , but they united again stateside after surviving that conflict against seemingly impossible odds.

In the carefree early days the stories were basically rough and tumble pulp action stories as the trio literally stumbled into adventure just for the fun of it. As Jack put it, "we simply weren't cut out for regular working hours, we like to move around too much." Later, the emphasis was more on mystery, adventure, and the supernatural as the trio took on clients and opened the A-1 Detective Agency in Hollywood; Doc hires Jerry Booker, as the A-1's super-scrumptious spunky secretary/co-adventurer.

I Love A Mystery even inspired the writers of the original Hanna-Barbara cartoon, "Scooby Doo--Where Are You"!

That's right, Moonstone has entered into an arrangement with the rights holder to this old time radio property!But you dont need to know anything about the radio show to enjoy these hell-raising adventure tales!

Moonstone will first publish a remastered collection (in TPB form) of the seldom seen newspaper strip!Moonstone is working with the strip's original creator Don sherwood to make sure that it all goes smoothly.Look for it late Summer'04!

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