Moonstone makes 'Silencers' #1 available online for free

Official Press Release

CALUMET CITY, IL – Joe Gentile, Editor-in-Chief of Moonstone Books, announced today that the upstart publisher has decided to make the first issue of its critically-acclaimed supercrime series THE SILENCERS available for free on the Moonstone Books Website (www.moonstonebooks.com) in Adobe PDF format. Rather than going to a second printing on the sold-out book, Moonstone is making a bold bid to attract new readers just in time for the arrival of THE SILENCERS #3 at stores, as well as whet their appetites for the upcoming THE SILENCERS: BITTER FRUIT collected edition, shipping in February.

"That's right, we're taking our message directly to the people," declares Gentile. "Although we've gotten great reviews on this book from places like Wizard and Comics Buyers Guide, and the reader reaction has just been fantastic, we feel the audience for the book could be even wider. Making the beginning of this incredible saga available to the public at no charge seemed to us the best way to let new fans see what they're missing– and, once they're hooked, bug their retailers to give the book a try, of course," he added with a laugh.

THE SILENCERS is a gritty, film-noir crime saga set in a superhero universe. The series is also an obvious labor of love (over five years in the making) for writer Fred Van Lente and artist Steve Ellis. In issue #1, readers were introduced to The Silencers, the most feared team of superpowered enforcers in New York City. But when the Mafia family they work for gets "whacked" by a deadly and mysterious new "super-mob," these supercriminals become marked men and women, and become freelance operators in order to survive. The drama of their struggle to stay one step ahead of rival gangsters, the cops, and, of course, "The Tights" (as supercriminals sneeringly call costumed superheroes), is the main crux of the series. The most recent issue of the series, THE SILENCERS #3, shipped to stores on Dec. 23.

The new PDF of the first part of SILENCERS #1 may be found on the official SILENCERS page on the Moonstone Books Website:

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