Moonstone Books Wants Your Captain Action Proposal!

Official Press Release

Yes, that's right, Moonstone can once again say..."He's back!"

Captain Action, that master of disguise IDEAL action figure from the late 1960's returns!

Back in the day, CAP could disguise himself as Superman, Batman, Captain America, the Lone Ranger, etc! Original packaged outfits and such have been going for big bucks in the collector's market for decades! (Of course, he was also a Gil Kane DC comic, and there was a series of figures and outfits released by Praying Mantis a decade ago.)

Moonstone wants to give CAP his due in comics!

We're looking for proposals of no more than two pages.

The premise is entirely up to you!

Create a NEW "back story" as well as set CAP on a course for new adventures! We're looking for that one GREAT IDEA, and we know it's out there! (Please remember that CAP is a licensed property, and as such, if approved, would be considered "work for hire".)

All proposals will be subject to review. You can e-mail proposals to contact_us@moonstonebooks.com

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