Moonstone Books Celebrates 70 Years Of "The Phantom"

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Last year, Moonstone Books Celebrated its 10th Anniversary at Comic Con, this year the Moon men & women return to celebrate the anniversary of the world's oldest costumed crusader, The Phantom.

On Friday, July 21st from 3:00-4:00pm in room #1A of the San Diego Convention Center, artists Doug Klauba, Art Lyon, Eric J, Paul Guinan, Ruben Procopio and new writer Mike Bullock will join publisher/writer Joe Gentile as they discuss current and upcoming Phantom projects including Phantom: Law of the Jungle, Phantom: Legacy, Phantom: Man-Eaters, Phantom Annual #1: Five Days of the Dragon and the new direction of the ongoing Phantom comic book series.

Moonstone Books will also debut Phantom: Law of the Jungle at the convention. Visitors to the Moonstone Books booth will be able to get a copy of the new Phantom poster (featuring cover art from Phantom #12 rendered by Joe "Birds of Prey" Prado and Rod "Superman" Reis) with any purchase or pick one up free by simply attending the panel.

In addition to the Phantom panel, there are several scheduled Phantom signings at the Moonstone Books booth (#2042) during the convention.

On Friday, July 21st from 1-2pm, Eisner-nominated artist Paul Guinan and writer Joe Gentile will premiere the latest Phantom graphic novel: Phantom - Law of the Jungle. Later that day, from 5-6pm Ben Raab, writer of Phantom: Legacy, Art Lyon, designer/colorist of Phantom Legacy, and new ongoing writer Mike Bullock will be signing at the booth..

And on Saturday, July 22nd from 3-4pm cover artist Doug Klauba and artist Eric J (Phantom #9-10, 16) will be joined by Mike Bullock at the Moonstone Booth.

Whether you're a long time Phan or you've never gone on an adventure in the Deep Woods, this is your chance to get up close and personal with the people who bring The Phantom's adventures to the US comic market every month.

Before and after the convention, make sure you stop by the newly remodeled Moonstone website at www.moonstonebooks.com for all the latest information and to sign up for the Moonstone Newsletter.

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