10 Villains Fans Hope To See In Marvel’s Moon Knight Series

One of the most highly anticipated Disney+ and Marvel shows that was recently announced has to be that of Moon Knight. A vigilante hero that fans have been clamoring to see appear in the MCU for years, the hero was a former mercenary named Marc Spector, who was chosen by the Egyptian god Khonshu to become the god’s avatar.

The hero uses the money he made as a mercenary to become a wealthy businessman to fuel his crusade. In honor of the hero’s show, here are ten villains fans want to see the hero face on his upcoming television series.

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10 Killer Shrike

Many of the villains Moon Knight faces in his career stem from either his former life as a mercenary or dealing with former soldiers, similar to that of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. One of the first villains Moon Knight should face is Killer Shrike.

Known as Simon Maddicks, the former soldier has forgotten much of his own past aside from joining the army. He was chosen to become an agent of the Roxxon Oil Company, where he was conditioned and trained to enhance his own natural abilities and implanted with an anti-gravity device in his spine for villainy.

9 Anarchy

Another fantastic villain that would be great to see Moon Knight face has to be Anarchy. A mysterious woman, Anarchy works for the terrorist organization U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M., who’s sole mission in the world is to take down and bring an end to all nations on Earth.

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A skilled marksman and hand to hand combat expert, Anarchy is infamous for defeating both Moon Knight and The Punisher during a mass theft of munitions by the evil Flag-Smasher. A villain with an anti-establishment mindset would work well for a modern era of storytelling.

8 The Committee

One of the great things about any straight-up vigilante hero is that oftentimes they run afoul of not only one on one villains, but entire criminal organizations. Fans saw this in the second season of Daredevil when Frank Castle began his war on the criminal families of New York.

For Moon Knight, that organization is The Committee. A criminal organization based in Los Angeles, the cabal was made up and comprised of several wealthy businessmen. They also crossed paths and made enemies of Werewolf by Night, Spider-Woman, and even Spider-Man himself, making their influence far-reaching.

7 Shadow Knight

One of the perfect villains to bring into a Moon Knight show has to be Shadow Knight. The younger brother of Marc Spector, Randall Spector grew up in his brother’s shadow, following him into the marines and eventually becoming a mercenary in Italy.

However their competitiveness grew into a hatred for his brother, and as a result, Randall ended Marc’s then-girlfriend’s life. This began a life long mission of revenge for both brothers. During the Shadowland storyline, Randall appeared as Shadow Knight, a member of the Cult of Khonshu with most of Moon Knights own abilities and powers.

6 Bora

One villain that nearly destroyed Moon Knight was named Bora. A young woman who dreamed of being a ballerina, she was born a mutant with the ability to summon arctic winds through spatial rifts. However, the mutation had a side effect of growing Bora to be over seven feet tall, ending her dreams.

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This led her to a life of crime, where she battled Moon Knight and managed to cripple him. This led Moon Knight to seek out the aid of both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to stop her before her rampage and destruction continued on forever.

5 Crossfire

A villain who could definitely play into the larger MCU on Moon Knight’s show has to be William Cross, aka Crossfire. Once an interrogation expert for the CIA, Cross worked on and built ultrasonic brainwashing technology, in the hopes of abducting superheroes and brainwashing them into wiping each other out.

What’s interesting is that Cross is the cousin of already established MCU villain Darren Cross, who was defeated by Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man. Could Darren’s loss fuel William to become Crossfire, replacing a lost eye and ear with cybernetics as he goes on to battle Moon Knight later on?

4 Morpheus

The next villain that Moon Knight should cross paths with has to be Robert Markham, aka Morpheus. When a sudden viral infection caused competitive inhibition of segments of his DNA, Dr. Peter Alraune recommended an experimental drug to help with the illness. Instead, this caused his physical appearance to warp and took away his biological need to sleep.

Going mad from the process, he donned the name Morpheus, after the god of dreams. Using his newfound psionic powers, he went on to seek revenge against the doctor responsible for his disfigurement, and this led to a confrontation with Moon Knight.

3 Stained Glass Scarlet

One fan favorite villain that appeared time and again that fans want to see in Moon Knight’s upcoming series is Stained Glass Scarlet. Born Scarlet Fasinera, Scarlet was sadly in an abusive family situation and later was in an abusive romantic relationship with a criminal she hoped to reform.

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They had a son together, but years later when the father he never knew was gunned down, her son became a criminal. She tried to save him but was forced to end his life, turning her into a vigilante. Moon Knight tried to stop her but ended up letting her go.

2 Black Spectre

One of Moon Knights biggest foes is the Black Spectre. A former Vietnam War veteran, the soldier Carson Knowles was the son of a politician and a family man. When he returned home, however, his wife had left him and his son had his life taken.

When he wasn’t able to get a job within New York City, the losses and horrors of war took their toll, and he turned to a life of crime. Inspired by Moon Knight, he became the Black Spectre. He would fight Moon Knight, framing him for crimes and even teaming up with other foes.

1 Bushman

Moon Knight’s often considered arch-rival and the villain who gave birth to Moon Knight was Raoul Bushman. The right-hand man of Marc Spector during their years as mercenaries, he betrayed Marc when they discovered Dr. Peter Alruane and his daughter Marlene, after they had discovered Egyptian gold.

Marc tried to stop Bushman’s attack on the father and daughter, but nearly lost his life in his fight with Bushman. This is where Spector became Moon Knight, and went after Bushman in a brutal fashion before ending him. Bushman would be resurrected later on to terrorize Moon Knight going forward.

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