It's Time For the MCU to Introduce Moon Knight


Over the past two decades or so, cinema and television have seen the prominence of comic book films increase exponentially. Where once studios and networks failed to take comic adaptations seriously, they now realize how popular and profitable they are, which is why we've seen so many different characters brought to life over the years from Marvel's X-Men to DC's Cyborg and dozens in between. There's just one problem: they're all starting to blend together. If you've heard the story of one superhero, you've pretty much heard them all.

Filmmakers have proven that superhero stories can be every bit as serious and meaningful as other artistic films; the challenge now is to show that there is genuine variety. Not every superhero story is about a virtuous figure, rising above the darkness. We're seeing that more and more with adaptations of comic book characters who, rather than rise above it, use the darkness to their advantage. They fight the evil in others with just a little bit of their own. A new age has begun in the world of superhero films -- the age of the antihero -- which means it's the perfect time for Marvel to introduce Moon Knight.

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Nowadays, the heroes who stand out are the ones that don't conform to the typical image of a superhero. Characters like Logan, The Punisher, Deadpool and even Cloak and Dagger have distinguished themselves through the darker tones of their stories and personalities. They're gritty, and they don't shy away from the melancholy attached to realism. That's to say, their stories show us that the good guys don't always get a happy ending.

Moon Knight is a character who presents fans with all of that, and more. It's not just his fight against evil that sometimes fails, it's that the strength of his character fails him.

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