Moon Knight May Be Marvel's Most Versatile Hero

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed quite a few new details for the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward at the D23 Expo. Among Marvel’s new series offerings for Disney+ is Moon Knight -- meaning the MCU will finally be treated to the presence of Khonshu’s favored son, Marc Spector. A fan-favorite character, Moon Knight is an exciting prospect for several reasons. Marc Spector is a complex and interesting character in his own right, but what helps to make him a great addition to the MCU is that he also slots into numerous roles and stories.

Moon Knight suits a variety of story formats, from small contained street-level adventures to stories that lead the white-clad hero into the cosmos. A member of several super-teams and a participant in numerous crossover events, Moon Knight’s versatility in partnerships, narratives, and concepts make him a veritable Swiss-army knife. Not only will he be able to interact well with the MCU as it exists but he could be used to facilitate its development for years to come. With that said, let’s take a look at what makes Moon Knight so useful, and why his Disney+ series is such an exciting prospect.

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Moon Knight: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Marvel's Batman

On paper, putting Moon Knight on a super-team sounds like a disaster. His multiple personalities and their differing sentiments, motives, and traits make him an unpredictable element. We’ve seen this exact situation go south with similar characters such as Legion attempting to assist the X-Men numerous times over the years. However, Marc seems to be able to (mostly) keep it together and no matter which personality surfaces, they genuinely seem to want to get the job done.

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Marc has been an affiliate to the Avengers for a good amount of time in the Marvel Comics Universe and has been a member of a few of their teams. Given the personal approval of Steve Rogers, he enjoyed a successful stint on the Secret Avengers. Despite terrifying Beast after getting shot in the leg and laughing it off while piloting a helicopter, he left a dependable impression on his allies. And if his MCU incarnation is any reflection of his source counterpart, he’ll be a great addition to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Marc’s main goal seems to be to serve his Moon God, Khonshu. Although at times he can be confused at Khonshu’s motives and even come into conflict with the deity, his overarching morality points towards a man who simply wants to protect the disadvantaged. Dubbing himself the ‘Protector of Those Who Travel at Night’ and dressing brightly to let his enemies know he’s coming, he’s certainly not afraid to disregard his safety for the benefit of others. While reckless on first glance, it speaks to Marc’s devotion to the service of others, making him an excellent teammate.


Moon Knight: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Marvel's Batman

Another thing to consider when looking at the versatility of Moon Knight is his ability to move into different stories. The format of Marc’s stories have been varied over the years, and while some characters are better suited for volume-spanning epics or short, contained stories, Moon Knight works across both. In the comics, he’s moved to the West Coast and found himself caught in compelling tales involving misplaced Ultron heads and powerful villains like Count Nefaria, with all the intrigue and time to have the plot play out.

Alternatively, he’s been a part of volumes where there are several, unrelated short stories. Set out like small Twilight Zone episodes, within the space of one hundred and twenty pages, Marc has fought ghosts, performed a The Raid-style siege to save a young girl and even tangled with a Frankenstein’s monster of sorts. 

In addition to format, the theme and scale of his stories are unrestricted. Khonshu’s favorite agent has fought crime on the streets of New York alongside Spider-Man, traveled to living planets to investigate cosmic murders and been pulled into the ever-confusing world of the mystic arts alongside Dr. Strange. The fact that Moon Knight is so out there to begin with, means he’s never really out of place.


Moon Knight: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Marvel's Batman

It isn’t just the world around Marc that changes from story to story, the situations he finds himself in often greatly change the man himself. During his stint on the west coast, he found himself in way over his head without his fellow Avengers. And instead of calling for help initially, he decided to masquerade as several of his Avengers teammates including Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America. Given his fragile mental state at the time, it appeared to be a tactic to give himself confidence in the face of the immense amount of danger he found himself in.

In another instance, which is briefly mentioned above, he was shot through the leg while piloting a helicopter. When asked if he was okay by Hank McCoy, he simply informed his Secret Avengers colleague he was simply too far gone to feel it. In both these instances, we see a duality within Marc in regards to his condition. In some cases, he is forced to perform practical measures to keep himself together and in others, his mental issues act as an automatic defense mechanism.

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Regardless of how he is portrayed, the fact that Moon Knight has touched all corners of the Marvel Universe allows him to integrate well into the established status quo. Furthermore, the exploration into his condition and where that leads could facilitate several aspects of the MCU’s future. He could fight alongside Dr. Strange to expand the magical portion of the MCU or he could find himself exploring the dark underbelly of New York, which is a space left noticeably unoccupied following the folding of Marvel’s Netflix outings.

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