Moon Knight: His 5 Worst Enemies (& 5 Of His Greatest Friends), Ranked

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Marc Spector has had a rough time over the years, such as struggling with schizophrenia, being left for dead in the Egyptian desert, and dealing with constant comparisons to Batman. Whilst he may have certain similarities to the caped crusader, there's so much more to Moon Knight than meets the eye.

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He's had to battle many villains while being New York's protector, but there have been many who've been by his side to help in any way they can. With that in mind, we look at 5 enemies that have pushed him to the limit, and 5 friends that have remained loyal throughout his darkest hours.

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10 Enemy: Morpheus

Peter Alraune Jr was Marlene's brother and was responsible for Robert Markham becoming the villain Morpheus. After Peter prescribed him an experimental drug to cure his viral infection, it turned him into a monster that didn't need to sleep. He went after the doctor, but was stopped by Moon Knight.

At one point, he found a way to connect telepathically with Peter Alraune, Jr, causing people to have horrible nightmares. He continued to go after Moon Knight, teaming with Bushman and the Black Spectre, as well as the Société des Sadiques, but Moon Knight would always get the better of him.

9 Friend: Echo

In Brian Michael Bendis' Moon Knight series, Marc Spector's multiple personality disorder sees him become Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. In the series, Echo becomes close to Moon Knight after rescuing him while posing as a stripper, and they end up taking on the West Coast Kingpin.

Marc Spector seems to have feelings for her, and when she dies at the hands of Count Nefaria - the West Coast Kingpin - he inherits the Wolverine persona and goes berserk. Before she died, the two worked well together, and it was a shame to see her go out the way she did, but that's comic books for you.

8 Enemy: Midnight Man

Originally a collector of art, Anton Mogart would commit robberies at the stroke of midnight to build his collection. When Moon Knight stops him, he seemingly drowns in a river, but instead, he ends up becoming deformed by the waste found within the sewers. He goes insane and starts collecting trash, and teams with Bushman to defeat their sworn enemy.

When Midnight Man finds out he's dying from cancer, he decides to find his son, hoping he can share some of his final moments with him. Mogart does what he can to stop his son from turning to a life of crime like he once did, and in the wake of his death he becomes the hero Midnight. It didn't last, and he ended up becoming a cyborg for the Secret Empire.

7 Friend: Gena Landers

When Marc Spector took on the persona of Jake Lockley, he would often go and check in with some of his street informants. One of these was Gena Landers - a waitress at a diner that would often provide some relief for Lockley whilst he was driving his taxi cab across New York.

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Her sons Ricky and Ray would also help out Moon Knight, with Ray even operating his helicopter when Frenchie wasn't up to it. Whilst Moon Knight has garnered help from guys like Punisher, Daredevil, and Spider-Man, he often preferred his civilian friends as they could operate without blowing their cover.

6 Enemy: Black Spectre

Carson Knowles returned from the Vietnam war to find out that not only had his wife left him, but his son had died. Filled with rage, he became the Black Spectre - a masked criminal inspired by the actions of Moon Knight. With his father's political connections, Knowles ran for mayor, and used the guise of the Black Spectre to intimidate those that opposed him.

He ended up going to prison thanks to Moon Knight, but it didn't stop him from wanting revenge on the man that sent him there. When he was released from jail, he became the Black Spectre once again and killed innocent people and engraved a moon shape into their foreheads so that Moon Knight would be seen as the culprit. After stealing nanotech from Tony Stark, Moon Knight pushed him off a building and ending his life.

5 Friend: Bertrand Crawley

Marc Spector is known for having multiple personalities, and one of which was the taxi cab driver, Jake Lockley. The purpose of this persona was to gather information from his connections on the street. One of his contacts was the homeless man, Bertrand Crawley.

He became friends with Moon Knight after he was saved from the Slasher - Jimmy Crawley. Jimmy was Betrand's son, and blamed his father for the death of his mother. The Slasher went looking for Crawley, killing homeless people with the hopes that eventually he'd kill his father. Jimmy lost his life after falling off a building when pursued by Moon Knight, but Crawley never blamed him for it.

4 Enemy: Randall Spector

Randall Spector is a sadistic psychopath that also happens to despise his brother, Marc. His girlfriend Sandahl Swarn became Nepthys, and they joined a cult known as the Knights of the Moon. She gave him superhuman powers that allowed him to become more of a match for his brother.

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As Shadowknight, Randall attempted to kill Moon Knight multiple times, and ended up seriously injuring both his best friend Frenchie and his girlfriend Marlene, even causing her to miscarriage. After all the pain he'd caused his brother throughout their various altercations, Moon Knight eventually got his revenge after slicing his throat and watching him fall to his death.

3 Friend: Marlene Alraune

Marlene first encountered Marc Spector when her father was brutally murdered, and originally believed that Spector was the one who did it. Marlene was responsible for nursing Spector back to health after he was left for dead by Bushman, and they fell in love.

Aiding Moon Knight in his fight against crime, Marlene would help to thwart many criminal's plans. Unfortunately, she became increasingly concerned with Spector's schizophrenia, but when he seemed to settle on his Steven Grant persona, her worries disappeared and the two settled down. The two would part ways when he became Moon Knight again, but would later get back together and have a child.

2 Enemy: Raoul Bushman

There's no denying that Moon Knight's biggest foe is none other than the one that caused Marc Spector's transformation in the first place. Along with Frenchie, Bushman and Spector were acting as mercenaries in the Sudan. When Bushman came across Dr Alraune's Egyptian gold, he decided to murder him and take it for himself. Spector attacked Bushman for what he'd done, but ended up losing.

With Spector on death's door, he encounters the spirit Khonshu and in turn became the Moon Knight. He defeats Bushman soon after, but the psychopath escaped to New York. The two would encounter one and other a few times over the years, including the time the two fought on a rooftop. At the end of the battle, Moon Knight used his crescent dart to cut off Bushman's face in brutal fashion.

1 Friend: Jean-Paul DuChamp AKA Frenchie

Frenchie has been a trusted friend to Marc Spector ever since they were soldiers of fortune in Selima, Egypt. Whilst Marlene Alraune provided the intel for Moon Knight, Frenchie helped build the stealthy crescent moon aircraft that became synonymous with the masked vigilante. He infiltrated the criminal organization known as the Committee, and helped his friend to bring them down, although they would later reform and beat Frenchie to within an inch of his life.

After many battles fighting alongside Moon Knight, Jean-Paul's legs were crushed when Randall Spector blew up his brother's mansion. He later found out that he was a descendant of the Knight's Templar and became the hero Bloodline as a result. More recently, he's opened a restaurant with his boyfriend called 'En Table.' He will always be a close friend of Moon Knight, even if they don't work together anymore.

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