Moon Knight Gets the Live-Action Debut He Deserves In This Fan Film

Though perhaps not as well-known as Spider-Man, Daredevil or The Punisher, Moon Knight is still a favorite among Marvel fans, and many hope to see him join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. Although it's unclear when the character will finally make his live-action debut, a new fan film may just tide fans over until he does.

The film comes from writer and director Caden Butera on YouTube. The movie opens with a brief scene featuring one of Moon Knight's alter egos -- millionaire Steven Grant -- in a meeting. Afterwards, Grant has a conversation with someone revealed to be the primary financial officer of the Harrisburg Mob.

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The film then cuts to another alter ego -- cab driver Jake Lockley -- picking up two members of the mob. The mobsters have a particularly revealing conversation and, after being dropped off, the two meet up with more members of their organization. Just as one mobster goes off for a smoke, he's grabbed from behind by a figure lurking in the shadows.

Viewers later get a scene with Marc Spector -- Moon Knight's primary alter ego. This scene features a flashback to happier times, revealing more about the character. This scene also implies that there might be more to Spector's motivation for being Moon Knight and also showcases his mental state.

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Towards the end, Moon Knight himself finally appears and proceeds to beat the tar out of a group of criminals in an excellently choreographed and brutal fight sequence. The film then ends with another monologue from Spector, in which he wonders if giving himself false purpose makes him feel better. He replies, "I'll just have to wait and see." Before the end of the film, a mid-credits scene sets up a possible sequel featuring Moon Knight's arch-enemy: Bushman.

While his film does take liberties with the source material, the film does give fans a taste of what a film centered around Moon Knight could look like. Although Marvel Studios has plans for the character, there's no telling just when he might show up. The character almost appeared in Iron Fist Season 2, but those plans never came to fruition. Even if it takes years for him to make it to the big or small screens, Moon Knight has finally gotten a film that does him justice.

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