10 Reasons Why Moon Knight Should Have His Own Disney Plus Series

Moon Knight: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Marvel's Batman

Introduced during the '70s in Werewolf by Night #32, Marc Spector started out as an antagonist hired for his nefarious talents by the secret criminal organization known as The Committee. While earning the name of Moon Knight, Spector would eventually switch sides and become the protagonist in the pages of Spectacular Spider-Man. With his own enemies to fight, Marc finds himself gaining strength and agility during the lunar cycle as he becomes Moon Knight.

Created by Doug Moench (Master of Kung Fu) and Don Perlin (The Defenders), Marc had an uneasy relationship with the anti-heroic Werewolf, aka Jacob Russoff. While Jacob turned into a creature of the night, Spector would change into his demonic form before clashing into each other. An ex-boxer turned mercenary-for-hire, Marc ends up uncovering an ancient temple belonging to the Egyptian moon god known as Khonshu. Brought back to life by Khonshu, Specter decides to use his second chance to become a crime-fighter and starts wearing a silvery costume upon his return to New York.

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10 The Performance

Just like Charlie Cox was tailor-made to play the blind lawyer, Matt Murdock, and fight in these extended one-take fight sequences, the role of Moon Knight carries so much material to draw in an unknown actor or a box-office champ.

Because he was former Marine, Marc was viewed by The Committee as a living and breathing weapon to use at their disposal. Marc's resurrection from the dead also comes with psychological instability. With multiple personalities lurking inside Marc's headspace, any actor would be interested in giving a specific voice and look for each dominant personality.

9 The Gadgets

Moon Knight loves to use hi-tech equipment during his street missions. With the moon in its rightful place, Marc sends out his voice-controlled drone to observe over the city. The cult of Khonshu has also given Spector special weapons, such as a golden stick and an ivory boomerang.

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To protect himself from bullets and knifes, the silvery costume is made up of adamantium, the same type of metal Wolverine's claws are made of. While being in physical combat, Moon Knight has a white glove with spiked knuckles that would instantly end the match. All these special gadgets and weapons would be so much fun to watch Spector use on his own show.

8 Heroes For Hire

Netflix managed to put together the lead stars of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage into The Defenders. Another superhero team from Marvel Comics is Heroes for Hire. Instead of superheroes saving the day for free, clients would pay the underground business, Heroes for Hire Inc., for their protection services and private investigations. In the aftermath of the "Shadowland" arc, Moon Knight reluctantly ends up working with Silver Sable, Black Widow, Elektra, and Ghost Rider.

With Moon Knight to kick things off, this would be another great superhero show to watch that has tons of clashing personalities and internal fighting.

7 Sibling Rivalry

Randall Spector is one of the best villains to come out of Moon Knight series. A tribute to the horror genre and slasher movies, Randall introduced himself as the serial killer known as Hatchet Man. During his reluctant team-up with The Punisher, Moon Knight is on the prowl, searching nonstop for his murderous brother, who has been on the hunt for nurses.

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Randall had a psychical deformity, which caused his skin to crack on the outside, but his internal organs were invincible. In the "Shadowland" storyline, Randall would later on be rebooted as Shadow Knight, who claimed to be the true avatar of Khonshu.

6 The Look Of Mr. Knight

During Warren Ellis and Declan Shavley's critically acclaimed run, the story focuses on the three personalities that make up Moon Knight. As the crime-fighting personality of Mr. Knight, Marc wears an all-white three-piece suit and rides around the Big Apple in an all-white limousine.

Because his mental health is constantly deteriorating, Marc talks to himself, having deep and personal conversations, inside the limo, which has no driver. This is such an interesting and easy costume to design for the television screen if the show creators want to get rid of the cape.

5 The Fighting

In Ellis and Shavley's Moon Knight #5, Marc is in a race against time to locate the kidnapped innocent child trapped inside an abandoned six-floored building. Wearing his fancy suit and with his two fists ready, Mr. Knight has to go through six floors of muscled henchmen. Inspired by videogame fighting and Tony Jaa's one-take staircase fight scene in The Protector, the action sequence is flawless as the hero finishes up one brawl and continues onto the next.

Somebody has to adapt this bare-knuckled choreography because this is one true sequence that actually rivals any of Daredevil's hallway fight sequences.

4 The Committee



Hydra, the terrorist organization has been a major antagonist in the first two Captain America movies. The Hand, the order of mystical ninjas, had their prominence over in Daredevil and Iron Fist.

There needs to be a new super-villain team over on Disney+. What makes the Committee different from the other evil organizations is that they are greedy and sleazy businessmen. Through illegal means, the Committee is more determined in making money than taking over the world. If Spector had his own show on Disney+, this would be insightful social commentary about how the rich get wealthier and the poor remain in their status.

3 Black Spectre

Black Spectre has been described as the greatest enemy that Moon Knight ever faced. In his origin story, Carson Knowles was a Vietnam War hero who returned from battlefield unwanted from society and unloved by his family.

Inspired by the vigilantism of Moon Knight, Carson decides to turn his wasted life around by becoming a master criminal. While running for Mayor of New York City, Moon Knight has to step in and defeat the crooked politician from winning the rigged election. Moon Knight has an opportunity to stand out from all the other superhero shows by becoming a political thriller.

2 Midnight

The Marc Spector: Moon Knight series did something that is still considered shocking; kill the teenage sidekick. Marc was training Jeff Wilde, who calling himself as Midnight. Jeff wanted to escape the shadows of his father, Anton Mogart, who was known as Midnight Man. Number Seven of the evil Secret Empire organization shoots the sidekick right in front of Moon Knight.

The assassination plot was all a ruse to keep Moon Knight distracted in his own grief and mourning while Midnight was rebuilt as a cyborg. This would be a really interesting story to adapt on Disney +.

1 There's A Demand For It

The Marvel fanbase is already there, primed and ready for Disney+. In case Disney is worried about viewership and ratings, this isn't a low-level superhero that viewers haven't exactly heard of. And just because Moon Knight has a cape and a gun that shoots a grappling hook, that doesn't make him a Batman wannabe. Moon Knight has grown in popularity, jumping from the comic book to animation.

Marc appeared in costume during the Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six Christmas Special episode. Moon Knight was even a playable character in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance videogame.

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