5 Best Moon Knight Costumes (& The 5 Worst)

With the announcement that Moon Knight will be heading to Disney+ for his first-ever live-action appearance, fans of the Silver and Jet Avenger rejoiced at the long-awaited news. Plans for Moon Knight had been rumored for years, with fans calling for Moonie to join the MCU with each new Phase announcement.

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Thankfully that time is finally here and couldn't be better than ever, as Marvel Studios has had time to figure out what does and doesn't work when it comes to their live-action TV series. Of course, the question about which costume we might end up seeing on the small screen comes up, so today we are going to explore some of his best and worst costumes as we prepare for his debut on Disney+!

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Moon Knight's classic costume first appeared prior to the release of Moon Knight's first solo series, which was from legendary creators Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz. Sienkiewicz' art was industry-changing and helped launch Moon Knight successfully into his own adventures.

Moon Knight featured Spector in his all-white costume, with a free-hanging cape that served as a moon-shaped glider when pulled tight. While the bodysuit was white it often featured shadowed highlights that sometimes made the bodysuit seem black, resulting in the "silver-and-jet" descriptor.


Moon Knight was first conceived as an enemy in Werewolf-By-Night, and his debut costume certainly looked like Moon Knight, though it would take a few artists' different interpretations in back-up stories to really cement the final look of his costume.

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His first appearance featured a two-toned black and white bodysuit, though it was considered silver as he was a werewolf hunter, after all. The hooded mask was a part of the costume, though it featured an unnecessary pirate collar, and the cape was attached to the wrist bracers, presumably to allow the character to glide.


While it's not officially known as Moon Knight's "unhinged" costume, the suit made its first appearance at a very dark time in Marc Spector's life, following a devastating battle with his enemy Bushman that left him broken and retired. After he is encouraged to return to his life as a vigilante, he adopts a costume similar to his classic costume.

However, the all-white costume featured a few new enhancements that were brought over from previous suits, including knuckle-spikes that were a part of his original werewolf hunting suit. The belt also featured small touches of gold in the shape of crescents, which would call back to another former costume.


The Ultimate Universe featured a Marvel Universe unrestricted by years of continuity, with superstar creators re-imagining Marvel's most popular characters for the modern age. Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley had a record-breaking run on Ultimate Spider-Man, which featured the first appearance of Ultimate Moon Knight.

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The costume homaged Moonie's original two-toned debut outfit but did away with his iconic hood in favor of a large raised collar that left Moon Knight's mask exposed, which featured a distracting crescent moon smack dab in the middle of his forehead. Thankfully this version of Moon Knight didn't make too many appearances in the Ultimate Universe.


Moon Knight has had a number of comic series over the years, which means a number of creators have left their own spin on the character. During the Vengeance of the Moon Knight series, Gregg Hurwitz and Tan Eng Huat introduced a new armored costume for Moon Knight that showcased his mercenary history.

While the costume was undeniably Moon Knight, it also referenced his time as a military man, and he began using more basic weaponry like firearms instead of his classic moon-themed weaponry. This armored costume was tactical, functional, and looked incredibly cool, but didn't survive past the Vengeance series.


His first armored suit was not as awesome. For some reason, the 90s saw every superhero go through an armored suit phase. Captain America did it, Batman did it, Spider-Man did it, and Moon Knight did it too. Following an encounter with the demonic villain Demogoblin, Moon Knight was infected with a demonic parasite that required him to wear a special suit of armor.

The armor both helped keep his body together and the infection at bay, while also further protecting him in his weakened condition. However, the bulkiness of the armor seemed counter-productive to Moon Knight's usual style of fighting, and the costume disappeared once he was able to fight off the demonic infection.


When Warren Ellis worked with the character during his Secret Avengers run, he introduced a stealth version of Moon Knight who wore a white business suit while on a spy mission for Captain America. He added to this suit a white mask when he switched over into his Moon Knight persona, and when Ellis took over Moon Knight's main title, the costume moved with him.

Now known as Mr. Knight while in his business suit, Spector rededicated his efforts to protect his city from all threats, including the supernatural monsters and events he had started his career dealing with. Mr. Knight served as the contact identity with the police and prospective clients, though he would switch into his full Moon Knight costume when the situation required it.


Following Marc Spector's brush with death that required him to wear a silver suit of armor, Moon Knight would return to full health and adopt a new version of his classic costume. This new version would feature an updated Moon symbol on his chest, as well as a giant belt around his mid-section that also featured a moon symbol.

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We've already discussed how great Moon Knight's classic costume is, but the "Moon Belt" shows just how easy it is to ruin something great with a simple accessory. honestly, this belt was freaking huge, distracting, and no way was it easy to fight in. Moon Knight died in this costume at the finale of Marc Spector: Moon Knight, and while the character returned, thankfully the belt stayed in Hell where it belonged.


When Mr. Knight was forced to ditch his business suit for his working clothes, he would change into the modern Moon Knight costume that was created by Declan Shalvey. The black and white armored suit featured the same white glider cape and hood we'd seen before but added a full black bodysuit with white armor pieces on the chest, arms, and legs.

This new costume perfectly blends the various ideas of the costumes before it, with the silver-and-black look becoming more than implied, and Moon Knight's need for armor being fulfilled without losing his agility. The new costume also features a number of crescent moons, which may have been a problem in other suits, but the orientation and design of the new costume make the crescent feature work in every way.


Moon Knight has seen a few reboots over the years to try and reawaken interest in the character, which resulted in the short-lived Fist of Khonshu mini-series. Not only was Moon Knight's mission and superhero goals altered, so too was his costume and weaponry.

The classic white costume was updated with gold bracers and a belt that would reflect his Egyptian origins more, while the crescent moon insignia on his chest was replaced with a golden Ankh. He would also begin using enchanted golden weaponry that would later be revealed to have been created by Hawkeye in the past during their shared time on the West Coast Avengers. Thankfully the gold enchantments disappeared, with the "Unhinged" costume adding small touches to better homage this time of his superhero career.

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