This Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Cosplay Wins NYCC

As much as conventions are about getting to meet the talent involved in bringing comics -- among other things -- to life, they also provide fans the ability to express their love of something through cosplay. And while it's incredibly likely you're bound to come in contact with numerous Deadpools and Spider-Men when attending a con, some cosplayers tend to surprise, and in some cases, even show up dressed as the convention center hosting the event. But the cutest cosplay to come out of New York Comic Con this year was easily the Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur cosplay posted on Twitter by the man behind Moon Girl/Lunella Lafayette, comic writer Brandon Montclare.

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When Marvel first announced Moon Girl and Deveil Dinosaur back in 2015, the publisher saw it as the opportunity to reach a younger audience as most of their books skewed towards an older demographic. Marvel thought of the character as a way to introduce a Pixar feel to its comics, allowing both adults and kids to have a book that they both enjoyed. And when the publisher announced that nine year old Lunella Lafayette was the smartest person in the Marvel Universe? The character's popularity seemed to soar to new heights. So, it shouldn't be surprising that like with Squirrel Girl, another character with a wide demographic, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur have quickly become fan-favorites at conventions. However, there's a chance none have been as adorable as the below duo.

While it's hard to top the above cosplay, Montclare also shared a photo of another duo cosplaying as Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur -- albeit from the mirror universe.

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The twenty-third issue of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, written by Montclare and featuring art by Natacha Bustos, hit shelves on September 27. The series will return with its twenty-fourth issue later this month, launching a storyline that will see Moon Girl in search of a new partner following the events of the previous issue. The issue will feature numerous guest stars including Ghost Rider, Daredevil and the X-Babies.

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