Moon Girl Co-Creator Addresses Autism Fan Theory

Fans have long speculated as to whether or not Lunella Lafayette, also known as Moon Girl, is on the Autism Spectrum. Now, series co-creator Brandon Montclare has addressed that question, saying that although it absolutely influenced the character's depiction, it's something he aims to leave unsaid.

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"It was an influence on Amy [Reeder, Montclare's original co-writer]'s contributions," Montclare told CBR in a recent interview. "She has a nephew with Autism. But it's also unsaid, because it's a very real thing and people deal with them in real ways. Our story doesn't have enough room to properly focus on such an important topic. So it's just a background influence. But a lot of people have clocked Lunella's personality and mannerisms as something you might find on the Autism Spectrum."

Prior to that statement, Montclare detailed some of Lunella's difficulties with people, saying, "...a big part of the Moon Girl character is how hard it is for her to connect well to other people. A lot of that Amy Reeder brought to the table. Lunella was always incredibly smart and can figure out a lot of things, but the one thing she couldn't figure out was people. Devil Dinosaur really brought her out of her shell."

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Moon Girl is a nine-year-old, super-genius Inhuman. Montclare, Reeder and Natacha Bustos created the character, who first appeared in 2016's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #26 hits shelves on December 27. The issue is part two of the "Fantastic Three" arc, which sees Ben Grimm/The Thing and Johnny Storm/The Human Torch work with the young hero.

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