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Month of Women in Comics – Zukahnaut

by  in Comic News Comment
Month of Women in Comics – Zukahnaut

All this month (and, I’ll admit, a teensy bit over) I’ll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here‘s a list of all the books featured so far this month.

We continue with Otty Justason and Sonya Somers’ Zukahnaut…

Zukahnaut is an offbeat science-fiction adventure comic about a world where portals are opening up around the planet and depositing aliens from other worlds. All sorts of different aliens (think Star Trek – so one world might be aliens like Romans another world might be aliens like Norse gods, stuff like that). Our star, though, is an alien who landed on Earth in the conventional manner sixty years ago. Named Zukah, he has basically lived the life of a hermit since first coming to Earth in the 1950s.

He meets Darius, a sort of inter-dimensional social worker. He works to help out the aliens when they arrive on this planet. He meets Zukah and strikes up the same offer he gives other aliens…

Zukah, though, is such a lunkhead that he goes nuts trying to get that trident…

And ends up having to work for the store to pay for the damages he caused when he showed up.

He eventually gets thrown out of town and meets Darius again…

In the meantime, though, a Norse god-like alien shows up and he is not happy…

So Darius and Zukah form an arrangement. Zukah will be, in effect, Darius’ muscle in dealing with ornery aliens who came from the portals…

Zukahnaut is a funny comic based on a clever presence. Justason has given us some intriguing characters (Zukah is a blast) and Somers does a great job with the bizarre story she has to depict (all of those different aliens have different looks, of course, so Somers is a busy little designer).

You can read all four current chapters of Zukahnaut at their website, beginning here with Chapter 1.

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