Month of Women in Comics - True Story of Personal Humiliation #1

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here's a list of all the books featured so far this month.

I apologize for no comic yesterday. The blog had server issues when I was trying to make my post and it never got through. I'll just do two today.

So we continue with Meghan Lands's True Story of Personal Humiliation #1...

Lands also sent in her mini-comic, Shark Bite Capital of the World, which is a full 24-page affair. Normally I'd review the longer comic, but while I did enjoy Shark Bite Capital of the World (especially the adorable ending - although I wish I had seen more of the fellow at the end earlier in the comic), I think that Lands's most recent effort, True Story of Personal Humiliation #1, was so strong that it was the better choice to spotlight. I mean, holy crap, you guys, look at the panels I used as the display for the piece! How POWERFUL is her imagery there? You can feel the pain burn off of the digital page. Great googly moogly it is so impressive. And all throughout this story she is all about that. The work with the expressions of her characters are remarkable.

The comic is a simple one. The protagonist is on a kind-of-sort-of date with a guy when she just decides to make a move and say, "I know we're just friends, but would you sleep with me?" And when he says NO, then, well, that's the gist of the story, ya know?

Check out these sample panels to show just how well Lands nails her protagonist's emotional spectrum...

She decides to take the date outside...

She is ready to make her move...

I so absolutely love those two panels. The slight side-eye in the first panel followed by the second panel, where we can practically hear the gears turning in her head as she musters up the courage to just put herself out there like that. She just NAILS the emotions so well there.

And when he says no, check out her basic regression into essentially Charlie Brown from Peanuts...

A smart cartoonist knows when to go to exaggerated facial features, and it pays off beautifully for Lands here.

And then she has to wait for the freakin' Metro with him!!!!

And that freakin' STATEMNT/QUESTION!! Agh!

Finally, after she is alone on the Metro and we see the panels I used for the display above, we get the wonderful juxtaposition between her inner anguish and the everyday lives of all of those around her...

What a smart, well-thought out and well-executed comic by Lands. I am sorry for her for the humiliation that inspired the comic, but I am happy for her for her to have the talent to put it all together into a great comic like this one.

You can read the whole story at her blog here and you can buy the aforementioned Shark Bite Capital of the World at her blog here, as well (it is about a group of co-workers who go skinny-dipping and then travel to Wal-Mart. It's also a beautifully drawn comic - I just was taken aback by how great the short story was).

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