Month of Women in Comics - The Letter

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here's a list of all the books featured so far this month.

We continue with Nandita Basu's short story, "The Letter"....

"The Letter" is just that, an intimate pouring out of one's soul to another through a letter following what appears to be a romantic break-up. The letter is superimposed on the person attempting to go through their life after the break-up.

Basu's words are haunting and, I am sure, deeply familiar to many people going through such emotions.

Her visual depictions are beautifully placed, with her characters slightly out of whack, giving the whole experience a surreal flavor...

What I really like about the art is the way that the lines that make up the art almost seem like they're alive, like a character could become entangled with another as their lines intersect. This is especially evident in a striking sequence involving kites.

This is a short story (just 14 pages) but it is a powerful one.

You can read the whole thing here.

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