Month of Women in Comics - The Black Feather Falls

All March (and, okay, a LITTLE bit into April just to make it a full 31 books) I'll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here's a list of all the books featured so far this month.

We continue with Ellen Lindner's The Black Feather Falls, Books 1-2...

Black Feather Falls is about a young American woman named Tina Swift living in London (sometime between World War I and World War II) who accidentally stumbles into a murder mystery outside the store she was working at...

She goes to visit a newspaper writer that she knows, but he turns out to be missing, as well, and his assistant is interested in the mystery, as well...

The two women therefore head off on an investigation of this mystery, traveling all the way to a tiny island in Scotland where they discover the name of the deceased, but this, of course, is just the start of the mystery.

Lindner's art is striking. It reminds me a bit of Melinda Gebbie's work. It is awesomely stylized.

In Swift and Ms. McInteer, Lindner has created two compelling characters. I especially like the slow reveal we get to Swift's past and what exactly drove her to London in the first place. It's powerful stuff. The main mystery itself is compelling, as well, as I like the way that it trades on real life World War I history (specifically the white feathers that women would give to men that they determined were cowards for not going to war). Lindner also does this interesting thing where she has McInteer's accent come and go, as the very Scottish McInteer has obviously hid her true accent since going to work as a professional in London. Clever, well-thought out character work by Lindner.

This is a fascinating comic book series and I'm quite interested to seeing how it all turns out. You can buy the first issue here (The second issue is due out in May).

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