Month of Women in Comics - Saltire: Invasion

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here's a list of all the books featured so far this month.

We continue with Saltire Invasion by John Ferguson, Tone Julskjaer and Gary Welsh...

The concept of Saltire is that he is the first Scottish superhero. We meet him in the first part of the issue, where he is summoned by the good people of Scotland as they join together to try to fight off the invading Roman army.

Saltire shows up (with a bunch of other Scottish heroes) to fight back the Romans, which leads to an impressive sequence where the Romans call down one of their own deities, Mars!

How awesome is that?

The artwork by Tone Julskjaer and Gary Welsh is very impressive (Julskjaer, by the way, is a female Danish comic book artist). Ferguson writes a lot of epic sequences and they handle them well. They give the work a sort of classical quality that suits the material well.

For Ferguson, it is clear that this book represents a good deal of Scottish pride, as the ties it in with an event that is a major point of pride in Scottish history (how the Scottish apparently forced the Romans to cease any further attempts to invade the north of Scotland, to the point of actually building a wall separating Roman-controlled Scotland and free Scotland. The purpose of Hadrian's Wall is a bit unclear to modern historians, but for the sake of this story, we'll go with the theory that it was done to cede northern Scotland to Saltire and his people).

Ferguson also uses Scottish mythology well with the other characters introduced in the first volume as well as the second book in this volume, where we learn Saltire's origin story - how he became so fearsome that he could tangle with Mars, the Roman god of freakin' WAR!

This was an enjoyable adventure tale with really strong artwork from Julskjaer and Welsh, especially in the action sequences. You can buy Saltire: Invasion at Amazon here.

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