Month of Women in Comics - Power Nap, Parts 1-4

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here's a list of all the books featured so far this month.

I apologize for no comic yesterday. The blog had server issues when I was trying to make my post and it never got through. I'll just do two today.

We continue with Maritza Campos and Bachan's Power Nap, Parts 1-4...

Power Nap is a really fun comic about an alternate future where sleep has pretty much been chemically eliminated. However, our hero, Drew, is one of a small group of people who cannot use the same drug that everyone else uses to stay awake all day. So as a result, he is extremely sleep-deprived as he tries to keep up with everyone else (who can work 16 hour days). He has a monotonous job at a large corporation. However, he is discovering that there is something wrong with his dreamscape - things are escaping his dreams and are affecting the world and there is a conspiracy covering it up.

There is an excellent sequence early on when we see an example of how Drew's inability to stay awake has made him essentially a social outcast...

Eventually Drew is chosen for an experiment where he is tested during his dreams...

It is here that Drew realizes the depths of the conspiracy, and he begins to look into finding out the members of his team in REAL life. This is where we are right now in the story, which is still continuing on the Power Nap website here.

Campos' story is very impressive. I really appreciate the way that she uses humor to get across the social commentary in the work. In addition, the slow world-building she does is really effective. She has a compelling lead character and an interesting premise that really looks like it can last for quite a while. Meanwhile, Bachan's style is perfect for the manic, over-the-top dream effects that Drew has to go through.

This is a really cool comic book that you would be well-served to read. And you can check the whole thing for FREE on their website! Why aren't you doing that right now?

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