Month of Women in Comics - M.F.K.

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here's a list of all the books featured so far this month.

We continue with M.F.K. by Nilah Magruder...

M.F.K. is about a small town called Marigold in the middle of a desert where a teenaged boy named Jaime lives with his aunt (the town's doctor) and his grandfather. They live a quiet life, interrupted only by the occasional rogue parapsi. Parapsi are super powered beings. In the rich areas of the region, they serve as bodyguards and protectors of the realm. Out here in the outskirts of civilization they serve as outlaws and as bandits.

It is into this world that a young woman shows up during the middle of a sandstorm, close to death. Jamie saves her and his aunt, Nafrain, nurses her back to health. However, the girl holds a secret - she, too, is a parapsi! And obviously SOMEthing bad went down to leave her barely clinging to life, traveling into the desert to die (she couldn't know that there was actually a small town in the middle of seemingly nowhere).

Jaime is thrilled to meet an outsider, especially, you know, a pretty girl around his own age! You can see his infectious positive energy begins to take an effect on the girl (who is called Abbie)...

It gets to the point where Abbie unexpectedly finds herself defending the town when the next page of rogue parapsi show up...

Magruder's is powerful. She has a background in animation and it really shows with her storytelling skills. In addition, her characters have a nice edge to them. It reminds me a bit of Rafael Albuquerque's stuff.

The story is just at the end of Chapter 2 so far, and Abbie has just decided to throw in her lot with the town, but I've been really impressed by how well Magruder has laid the ground plans to getting Abbie to this point. From an initial point of mystery (and there is still mystery about where Abbie comes from) to the reveal that the aunt knows she is a parapsi and wants her gone as soon as she is healed (I love how noble Nafrain is - she hates the parapsi but she can't bear to see someone suffering without helping) to the interactions with both Jaime and his grandfather, who each slowly erode her defenses and make her see that Marigold might be the place for her.

As I said, the story is just sort of getting started, but it's been a real blast so far! Magruder just recently broke out this sick two-page spread. Go check it out, along with the rest of M.F.K.'s story, here (the double page spread is pages 48-49 in Chapter Two).

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