Month of Women in Comics - KerBop the Angel

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here's a list of all the books featured so far this month.

We continue with KerBop the Angel by Kathleen Kralowec...

We first meet KerBop the angel when a knight and his squire are in a battle with a ferocious dragon...

KerBop shows up and saves them from the dragon, but the knight is curiously upset at what happened...

Here's the twist, though, while it is likely true that the knight WOULD have been killed by the dragon, we later see KerBop visit the princess for whose hand that the knight was trying to slay the dragon in the first place, and we discover that KerBop has ulterior motives than just saving the lives of the knight and his squire...

It appears as thought it was the princess who summoned KerBop to this land in the first place, as he is sort of her own personal angel. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of Mike Carey and Sonny Liew's My Faith in Frankie (about a young woman who has her own deity, but her deity is sort of in love with her), but I imagine that KerBop won't go necessarily in the same trippy directions Carey and Liew took THEIR tale.

Still, the discussions between KerBop and the princess are very interesting, especially stuff like the origins of dragons and the princess' dreams of past lives (there might be more to the princess than we expect).

The series is still ongoing and is "only" in the first chapter, but Kralowec has created an intriguing set-up here between KerBop and the Princess and one that I'm curious to see more of.

Kralowec's artwork is nice. She has a wonderfully off kilter edge to her work that's just delightful. While not necessarily art-related exactly, I do think that, lettering-wise, I'd prefer it if KerBop's speech balloons were a bit easier to read. It is not so much a problem in the samples that I've shown you, but it does get a bit difficult at times.

An interesting thing that Kralowec does with her presentation of the strip is that she puts all of the strips together on one giant page that you can just scroll down on. I must say, while I imagine it's probably not the best for her page hits, it does make for a pleasant reading experience.

You can read the complete (so far) KerBop here.

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