Month of Women in Comics - Frankie Comics #1

All March (and, okay, a LITTLE bit into April just to make it a full 31 books) I'll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here's a list of all the books featured so far this month.

We conclude with Rachel Dukes' Frankie Comics #1...

You might recall hearing Rachel Dukes' name in connection with the (well-deserved) uproar over how one of her comics exploded on the internet last year but with her name and her website specifically omitted most of the times the piece was shared so that even while her work was going EVERYwhere, she was barely being recognized for it. It is something I routinely deal with myself with our Line it is Drawn artists and I really feel for Dukes on the issue. That said, one of the main things to take out of the situation was that, hot damn, Dukes' comic was amazing (hence it being shared so much).

Here's the comic page in question that blew up the internet...

As you can see, it's an expertly designed strip. The concept is humorous, to be sure, and yes, that's a good hook in and of itself, but the way that Dukes lays out the strip makes it a much better strip than just the sum of its parts. The design and sense of comedic timing in the strip are cogent.

With a strip that good as part of Frankie Comics, you know that the rest of the book is bound to be good and it is.

Throughout the comic, Dukes breathes new life into a genre (cute pet comics) that is quite a tired one. As I mentioned before, her sense of design and timing is just outstanding and it serves her well repeatedly.

Like the following strip...

Once again, the concept behind the strip is a solid comedic idea, but it's the design that really sells it.

Same with these next two...

Okay, so now you must know what to expect from this comic book. It is a bunch of really well-thought out, brilliantly designed and well-drawn comics for fourteen pages (roughly three strips a page) for three bucks. What, are you stupid? This is a no-brainer. Go buy this comic book! I seriously just bought three and Rachel already offered me a print copy for review. That's how good this comic is. Go buy this comic book! It is available on Rachel's site here.

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