Month of Women in Comics - Eerie Cuties Volume 0

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by female creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here's a list of all the books featured so far this month.

We continue with the first collection of Eerie Cuties, written and drawn by Giz and Shouri.

Eerie Cuties is a bit of an odd case. For the past three plus years, the series has been a traditional "one page of a graphic novel per installment" web comic and then the comics are collected into print volumes. However, before that, the series was a traditional "comic strip style" web comic for about a year. When they collect them, they have Volume 1 be when the comic started with the one page per installment comics. However, I think so much happened in the first year's worth of strips that rather than spotlight Volume 1, I will spotlight Volume 0, the introduction of Charybdis Heights and all of its students.

The comic stars Nina and Layla, two vampire sisters who attend Charybdis Heights, a school filled with various monsters. Layla is older and Nina is just starting high school. The big difference between the two sisters is that while Layla feeds off of human blood, Nina feeds off of chocolate.

Nina is adorable and far too kind-hearted to fit in as a vampire, but her classmates are all a bit off, as well, as they try to make their way in the monster world.

The comic is roughly PG-13, as there is some sort of racy humor in the comic, but nothing racier than, say, an episode of Friends.

Nina has a doll named Blair who is basically a horny version of Chucky (although Nina dresses him like a girl).

Here is a nice quick introduction to the three of them....

Nina's best friend is Chloe, a succubus who is just hitting succubi puberty, which has...interesting effects...

Later, Nina meets Ace, a werewolf, although Nina just sees him as a puppy...

Giz and Shouri's artwork is strong, with a great sense of storytelling.

This is a lighthearted comic book filled with all sorts of adorable scenarios, all with a LITTLE bit more of an edge than you would expect from this type of comic, but for the most part just a cute high school comedy with a whole lot of various romantic entanglements thrown into the mix.

Speaking of a cute bit, I love the interplay between Ace and Nina. Here they are paired together for a school project but he can't type it out because he has turned into a wolf and no longer has opposable thumbs. He tries to turn to her for help but he soon realizes that despite her willingness to help (because she is a very sweet girl), she can't exactly deliver...

Giz has done some great work as an artist on Archie Comics, and that is basically how I'd see this comic series. It's just like an Archie approach, just with a little more racy material (and again, by "racy" I just mean primetime sitcom raciness - nothing more than you'd see on, say, The Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Men).

You can buy the complete Volume 0 (all in color! It goes black and white once it turns into a more traditional comic book with Volume 1) here for just $8 for over 150 strips (two a page)!

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