Month of Women in Comics Archive

Here is a list of all the comics spotlighted during this month.

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1. Stars-N-You #1 by Merrily Duffy

2. True Story of Personal Humiliation #1 by Meghan Lands

3. Your Hair by Niki Smith

4. Saved By the Bell #1 by Joelle Sellner, Chynna Clugston Flores and Lisa Moore

5. Power Nap, Parts 1-4 by Maritza Campos and Bachan

6. Above the Clouds #1 by Melissa Pagluica

7. Witchling #1 by Renee Nault

8. Carly’s Adventures in Wasp Land by Carly Tribull

9. Jennifer’s Journal: The Life of a SubUrban Girl Vol. 1 by by Jennifer Crute

10. The Endling Volume 1 by Cecilia Latella, Jonathan Larsen and Paul Mounts.

11. Eerie Cuties Volume 0 by Giz and Shouri

12. Fallen Ash #1 by Kimberly Smith, Benjamin Bartolome and Samantha Gungon

13. Punky Brewster #1 by Joelle Sellner and Lesley Vamos

14. Story(cycle) by Kathryn Briggs

15. Saltire: Invasion by John Ferguson, Tone Julskjaer and Gary Welsh

16. Amya: Unexpected Meetings by Savannah Houston-McIntyre, Andrew Hewitt and Rebecca Gunter-Ryan

17. Lucky Lupin by Juliana Xavier

18. Love Me Nice by Amanda Lafrenais

19. KerBop the Angel by Kathleen Kralowec

20. The Wolf at Weston Court by Alena Harrold

21. Malice in Ovenland by Micheline Hess

22. Of Stars and Swords #0-4 by Graham and Caroline Johnson

23. Papa by Vera Greentea, Ben Jelter, Lizzy John, and Joseph Lacroix

24. Widdershins Volume 1: Sleight of Hand by Kate Ashwin

25. M.F.K. by Nilah Magruder

26. The Letter by Nandita Basu

27. Superbitch! by Kennedy Cooke-Garza

28. Zukahnaut by Otty Justason and Sonya Somers

29. The Black Feather Falls, Books 1-2 by Ellen Lindner

30. Madame Frankenstein #1-3 by Jamie S. Rich and Megan Levens

31. Frankie Comics #1 by Rachel Dukes

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