Month of LGBT Comics - That Time I Turned 30 in Greece

All this month I've reviewed different comic books with LGBT themes (LGBT standing for "Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender"), based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here is an archive of the comics featured so far!

In the last comic featured this month, we'll take a look at Tana Ford's autobiographical comic, That Time I Turned 30 in Greece (I wish I had a better image of the cover)...

That Time I Turned 30 in Greece is a wonderful travelogue by Ford, who combines a great art style with story storytelling abilities.

The story is about a birthday trip to Greece Ford went on with her good friend Meghan to celebrate Ford's 30th birthday.

It is quite impressive just how well Ford gets across the charm and beauty of their trip, including little details that seem minor, but really do add to the story (like their friend, the donkey). Here are some sample pages...

A good chunk of the comic deals with just "normal" stuff, like having dinner and talking, and yet Ford never lets that feel like the story is coming to a crawl for those parts of the comic. Instead, it seems like an exciting aspect of the book, which is a good sign that you've developed your characters well enough for people to actually give a damn about them.

Here is an interesting exchange...

I wrote earlier about her strong storytelling - that is definitely at play here, as she avoids these interactions turning into just talking heads.

This is really a delightful comic book. And it is a big book - roughly 40 pages or so, for just five bucks! And your copy will come signed! So go buy one! It's a great deal! Just click on her website here and look at the sidebar to see how to order.

Definitely Recommended.

I hope you all enjoyed the month of LGBT Comics!!!

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