Month of LGBT Comics - Dolltopia

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books with LGBT themes (LGBT standing for "Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender"), based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Here is an archive of the comics featured so far!

Today we take a look at Abby Denson's charming Dolltopia...

Dolltopia is a very charming original graphic novel by Abby Denson (who I've covered before two years ago during the previous Month of LGBT Comics - you can see my review of her earlier work here).

Dolltopia is about a group of renegade dolls who want to break free from the humongous life of typical dolls to live life the way THEY want to live.

She pulls off this allegorical tale with a beguiling charisma, as she introduces us to a group of very interesting characters.

Here are some sample pages that basically give you the scoop on what this book is all about...

Denson is an accomplished storyteller, which is why she is able to tell the story very well even if her art is, at first blush, fairly simplistic. Telling a good story, though, does not require complicated artwork - it is just about, you know, telling a good story. And Denson does that very well here.

It does not hurt that Denson's message is a good one - about breaking free from conformity and living the life that makes you happy. Not only that, but I think what she wants us to get from this comic is that there ARE Dolltopias out there - in a way, this is Denson's version of "It Gets Better" - yeah, it might suck in your Fantasy Home (TM, of course) right now, but there IS a place for you out there, and once you get there, it is basically your own "dolltopia." I love the goodness that comes from this story.

Oh, and I forgot, Denson includes some kitschy paper doll cut-outs between the chapter breaks. Pretty cute stuff.

Anyhow, Dolltopia is a blast. Go get a copy! You can check out more pages and see where to buy a copy at Abby's website here.

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