Month of Indy Comics – Yongumix 6

Every day this month I'll be reviewing a different independent comic book, based on submissions from the creators of the comic books themselves.

The month continues with the comic anthology, Yongumix, an all-color collection of stories from members of a Malaysian comic art collective (as well as some guest artists). There is a broad mix of styles but the quality level is strikingly strong.

First off, it's impressive to see a comic anthology like this be in color.

I couldn't find sample of all the pages featured, so I will have to use the big preview that is feature on the Yon Gumi blog (here is their blog).

The standout stories in the volume for me were Nur Hanie Mohd's (aka Hanie) hauntingly beautiful story about a woman whose missing cat (presumably as a ghost) returns to her for one week before vanishing forever. It was an adorable and yet very sad comic about the woman dealing with only having a week to spend with her pet.

Hanie then follows with a hilarious one-pager about the way cats are the ultimate "the grass is always greener" creatures.

My next favorite story was by Aminuddin "Dinjerr" Abdullah, who did a story about an exchange student being enlisted into...the chess club! Dinjerr plays it as a sort of parody of typical manga adventure stories, only with, well, a chess club. It had a lot of funny moments. Very cool story.

My next favorite story was by Irma "Aimo" Ahmed, who does a delightful auto-biographical story about her love/obsession with collecting sketchbooks. It's a slight story, and yet Aimo is such a strong storyteller that she makes it very enjoyable.

Saiful Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar has a cute story about these space-faring women who encounter a being sort of like Q from Star Trek. It's a fun little story - anything that involves stopping a cosmic being by kicking him the crotch can't be all bad!

Melissa "Mel" Celestial had a well-drawn quick story. Although it seemed a bit too short to really have the impact I think the ending was looking for (that's not Celestial's fault, though, more a matter of not enough pages).

Mohammad Yazid Kamal Baharin (aka Zid) had a visually stunning science-fiction story that seemed a bit light on story (it was more of a prelude than anything).

Finally, Lee Jia Zhen (aka Laine) had a few impressive looking pin-ups.

The quality level of Yongumix was very high, and the top stories of the book more than made the volume worth picking up. Go here to see how to order a copy (just $10 - including shipping, and they're shipping it from Malaysia, people!).

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