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Month of Indy Comics – Mauled #3

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Month of Indy Comics – Mauled #3

Every day this month I’ll be reviewing a different independent comic book, based on submissions from the creators of the comic books themselves.

The month continues with the third volume of the Mauled anthology, which is a comic anthology collecting stories about, well, you know, people getting Mauled. The theme for this issue is True Tales of Tragedy at Sea.

Mauled was a series of comic anthologies that each issue had stories of horrible things happening to people. I generally appreciate it when anthologies actually ask their contributors to follow SOME sort of theme, so that you have some idea of what to expect from each story, or else you tend to have effectively chaos (of course, if you put together a pile of super-talented people, chaos is fine – it’s when you’re dealing with creators you’re unfamiliar with that chaos is worrisome).

Like most anthologies, this one is a mixed bag, but the overall quality level is high.

Kate Lacour, whose Milk-Teeth #1 I recently reviewed, also has a story in here, and it’s just as bizarre and wonderfully drawn as Milk-Teeth #1. It is about a fellow who gets swallowed by a whale.

Josh Frankel has a delightfully twisted tale of a fishermen hoisted by his own petard, as it were.

Michael Narren tells an almost Lovecraftian tale of an obsessed diver who gets possessed by a demonic sea creature. Luckily for humanity, there are drunks on speedboats out there (you’d have to read the tale to see how that ties in)!

Brian Musikoff opens the tale with the true life story of the tale that Quint tells in Jaws. It is well told and included some details that I did not know (that a bunch of the sailors were burned due to exposure with fuel in the attack on their ship). There probably were a few two many stories that were just illustrated takes on actual shark/sea life attacks, however, two of the “real life” stories were probably two of the best in the collection, period.

First, Stan Yan tells the true life tale of a young boy viciously attacked by a snapper turtle. Yan just tells the story as the newspapers accounted it, except instead of a snapping turtle, Yan imagines a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (specifically Leonardo). Funny stuff.

The last story in the collection is by Karen Sneider, and her tale is called “Shark Attach,” and it is about the true story of a young Australian snorkeler who was attacked by a small shark in 2004. The young man just left the water with the shark still attached to his leg and actually ended up driving to a local lifeguard building with the shark still attached to his leg before the shark was removed. He then buried the shark in his backyard. Crazy story, right? Well, Sneider tells it…only from the shark’s perspective, and she has it as a LOVE story! It’s really a delightfully hilarious take on the story.

You can buy a copy here (the samples on the website aren’t working right now, though. Weird).

If you would like me to review you independent comic book this month, there is still time to send me a copy for review! Click here to read where to send the review copies.

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