Month of Indy Comics – Cragmore Book One

Every day this month I'll be reviewing a different independent comic book, based on submissions from the creators of the comic books themselves.

The month continues with the first part of Pat Lewis' excellent Cragmore series (now that it is completed, someone really ought to collect the series - it is great)...

I've featured Pat Lewis' work on the blog a few times in the past. Suffice it to say, he is one of the best independent comic creators in the business today. He has a great sense of humor, an impressive sense of style and design and, perhaps most importantly, is a tremendously gifted storyteller.

He has been working on the mini-comic Cragmore for a few years now and it recently was completed. He's currently looking for someone to publish the collected graphic novel, and I really hope for it to be picked up as, again, his work is excellent.

In Book One, we meet Mr. Cragmore, who is quite the terrible person...

After a bit of grousing, the construction worker sets off a chain reaction that will spur our story on (how great is the sequential work on these pages? Man, Lewis is good)...

Naturally, Cragmore finds himself on the wrong end of a girder and then ends up in the afterlife. He meets the devil...

but that, of course, is not the end of the story. Oh no, it's actually the very beginning. What begins here is an epic (and offbeat and hilarious) battle between a man given a second chance at life and the devil himself. As Lewis puts it, it is the battle between evil and...well, slightly less evil. It is hilarious to see how Cragmore terribly misunderstands the point of his second chance and to see his stubborn approach to it all...just hilarious stuff.

And so well-told by Lewis! It is rare to see a good comedy about eternal damnation, even rarer to see a great one. So don't let this pass you by!

This is a great series, and you can get the entire four-book set right now, shipping included, for 15 bucks! Just click here.

You can read the first 22 pages for free here.

If you would like me to review you independent comic book this month, there is still time to send me a copy for review! Click here to read where to send the review copies.

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