Month of Indie Comics - Milk-Teeth #1

Every day this month I'll be reviewing a different independent comic book, based on submissions from the creators of the comic books themselves.

The month continues with the absolutely disturbingly brilliant first issue of Kate Lacour's Milk-Teeth.

In Milk-Teeth, Kate Lacour (nee Allen) explores the world of mythical creatures, only she does it in a bizarre and utterly fascinating fashion.

Her approach is to be super-realistic about certain aspects, like these anatomical layouts of the creatures...

and then go into a story (almost all of them are wordless) that tells an absurdly off-kilter take on the creature in question.

Think Chris Ware. And the fact that I can say "think Chris Ware" about her work should tell you that Lacour has something special going on here.

However, while her approach is Ware-like, her art is much different. It's highly detailed and quite beautiful, but, again, beautiful in a disturbing fashion.

Since it is mostly wordless, her art has to do all the work, storytelling-wise, but she's more than up for the task.

A great description of Milk-Teeth comes from the place where you can purchase the comic, which is that it deals with magical animals "without sarcasm or preciousness." That's very apt.

Finally, if you are not yet convinced, I will leave you with this...the comic has a princess making out with a unicorn.

How can you not spend the $4.75 (shipping included) to see that for yourself? You owe it yourself!!!

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