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Month of Indie Comics – Icarus #1

by  in Comic News Comment
Month of Indie Comics – Icarus #1

Every day this month I’ll be reviewing a different independent comic book, based on submissions from the creators of the comic books themselves.

The month continues with the first issue of a new series by writer/artist Ryan Cody about a man tasked with taking superheroes and supervillains out of the picture in the face of the possible annihilation of the planet Earth. But, of course, there’s a twist.

Icarus is the name of an asteroid heading for Earth. Icarus will pass the Earth under schedule. However, what the government does not want you to know is that something ELSE is coming – an alien invasion! An alien invasion that has been predicted by a young pre-cognitive who knows that the end times are coming.

She and other pre-cogs tried to tell the world’s leaders, but the movers and shakers shut them down. So they went public with their information, and this naturally has led to tons of rioting and chaos from superheroes and supervillains reacting to the news that the world is ending (and that the government won’t do anything about it). The world’s governments have decided that their only recourse is to eliminate the world’s super beings.

The task is given to this man, Major Fisher Riley, and check out how Cody introduces him (some graphic violence ahead! Be forewarned!)…

Pretty ominous stuff, eh?

Cody’s artwork is really good. He definitely has a Michael Avon Oeming in Powers vibe, and since I lurve Oeming’s artwork in Powers, you better believe I enjoy Cody’s work here. Oh, by the way, the color art on the cover is by Rico Renzi. In addition, Scott Godlewski finished Cody’s layouts on the cover.

I would have liked if we were shown Riley using some more interesting methods of taking down super beings other than just shooting them from long range. You’d figure super beings would create a unique challenge, but in issue #1, at least, they don’t seem to.

If all this comic had was a government agent tasked with killing superheroes and supervillains, I think the book could be an interesting read (especially with Cody’s strong artwork), but the end of the book has a twist that sets the entire concept on its ear, making the book a whole lot more interesting.

I was a bit disappointed that the first issue really did not explain WHY the super folks were being hunted down. I really didn’t get why Cody went with that approach, because

A. In press done before the book’s release, he described the plot


B. the book ends with a major twist, so if you’re going to have a major twist, why be secretive about what the twist is a twist FROM? It seemed like unnecessary vagueness.

Still, Icarus #1 was a strong effort (I especially liked the pages that appear to be drawn by young relatives of Cody’s, to work as a stand-in for the mind of a child) that left me really interested in seeing the full storyline.

Cody is releasing the issue as a digital comic as well as in print on a print-on-demand basis. Check out his website for more details.

If you would like me to review you independent comic book this month, there is still time to send me a copy for review! Click here to read where to send the review copies.

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