Month of Cool Avengers/X-Men Comic Book Moments - Captain America Takes Issue With the Red Skull's Salute

All month long we will feature brand-new Cool Avengers and X-Men Comic Book Moments in celebration of their fiftieth anniversaries this month. Here is an archive of all the past cool comic moments that I've featured so far over the years.

You folks all enjoyed the last Captain America moment I shared from Geoff Johns, Olivier Coipel and Andy Lanning's Red Zone storyline that I figured I'd share one more, from Avengers #69...

Again, the concept is that the Red Skull has infiltrated the highest levels of the United State Government and has a plan to take total control of the government through the use of a terrorist attack (chemical warfare using the "Red Death" gas that made him look like he does). The Skull claims that he is embracing the American Dream. As you might imagine, there is a certain Avenger who disagrees with this notion...

Very awesome.

There are a few other great moments from Red Zone, but I think I'll settle for picking just one more before the month is over. It involves Red Skull on the wrong end of some poetic justice.

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