Month of Cool Avengers/X-Men Comic Book Moments - Captain America Faces Off Against Baron Zemo

All month long we will feature brand-new Cool Avengers and X-Men Comic Book Moments in celebration of their fiftieth anniversaries this month. Here is an archive of all the past cool comic moments that I've featured so far over the years.

With the holiday, I missed day one, so we're doubling up for day three. Today we look at Captain America facing off against Baron Zemo at the end of the Masters of Evil's siege on Avengers Mansion in Avengers #277, by Roger Stern, John Buscema and Tom Palmer.

The Under Siege storyline is one of the most acclaimed Avengers stories ever. It is about the Masters of Evil taking control of the Avengers Mansion through a well-thought plan, complete with a large army of villains. At the heart of the plan was Baron Zemo, son of the original Baron Zemo, who mostly just wants revenge on Captain America. By the end of Avengers #277, despite capturing and torturing Captain America and others, the remaining Avengers had put together a new team of heroes to stop Zemo's plan. Zemo is all alone, trapped on the roof of the Avengers Mansion. Captain America wants to deal with him by himself...

So much awesomeness. From the avenging line to Cap just nonchalantly grabbing the shield as Zemo throws it at him (what a brilliant piece of artwork by Buscema and Palmer) to the bit at the end where Cap STILL is willing to save his foe, but Zemo's stubborn hatred would rather see himself die than take comfort from his foe.

What a great way to end this story. And what a great moment to kick off the month!

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