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Month of Avengers/X-Men Top Fives – Top Five Non-Mutant X-Men Supporting Cast Members

by  in Comic News Comment
Month of Avengers/X-Men Top Fives – Top Five Non-Mutant X-Men Supporting Cast Members

All month-long we’ll be featuring top five lists about either the Avengers or the X-Men. Here is an archive of all the past top five lists!

In this installment, we’ll look at the top five non-mutant X-Men supporting cast members.


A few notes. Trish Tilby, Charlotte Jones and Opal Tanaka are all really X-Factor supporting cast members. Opal barely showed up in X-Men at all and Charlotte and Trish only had nominal appearances (Charlotte actually showed up JUST enough that I guess I could see a case for her as an honorable mention). So I’m leaving them off of the list. Abigail Brand is a mutant (half mutant/half alien, to be precise) and Dr. Rao is a member of the X-Men, so they’re not eligible for the list. Madelyne Pryor turned out to be a clone of Jean Grey. I am torn on whether that should keep her off of the list. I mean, she HAD mutant powers, ya know? How about we just say that if she WAS eligible, I’d have her #2 on the list, but for the moment I’ll say she is not eligible.

Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander were mostly New Mutants supporting cast members, but they showed up enough to earn an honorable mention.

Dr. Val Cooper was a bigger figure in X-Factor than she was in X-Men, but she was introduced in X-Men and she DID play a bit of a role early on (especially with the formation of Freedom Force)…

Lee Forrester is notable in that she was the last character introduced by Claremont and Byrne…


and Yukio…

are interesting topics. They’re really more WOLVERINE supporting cast members, ya know? But they were obviously both involved in some memorable X-Men stories, so I dunno. I am splitting the baby and just putting them here in the honorable mentions section.

The mayor of San Francisco was a pretty interesting character there for a while during Brubaker and Fraction’s run…

Candy Southern was barely in the main X-Men books (she was used really well in the New Defenders), but John Byrne did good work with her in X-Men: Hidden Years.

Does that count, though? If it does then she’d be #4 on this list.

5. Fred Duncan

The X-Men’s earliest non-mutant ally, Duncan was their FBI liaison who was sadly killed off off panel for no particular reason some time in the 1990s.

4. Amanda Sefton

Nightcrawler’s flight attendant girlfriend who turned out to be his former foster sister who was also a sorceress. Ahhh…comic books.

Their relationship gave us one of the coolest moments of romance in X-Men history…

3. Stevie Hunter

For awhile there, Stevie was THE non-mutant character in the books. She was Kitty’s dance teacher, which meant that she was obviously always around for whatever reason. She brought a nice perspective to the team and she also allowed Kitty to use the n-word and we all know Kitty LOVES dropping n-bombs. Stevie’s one problem, though, is that she couldn’t shut the hell up about her injured knee…

I kid you not, she was not in the X-titles for over four years and then showed up in Uncanny X-Men #270….and complained about her injured knee!!!

She must have been quite the person to hang out with. “Want to grab some lunch, Stevie?” “I would, but my knee injury which keeps me from dancing professionally is really hurting me.” “Okay.” “Hey Stevie, want to watch a movie?” “I’d like to, but my knee is hurting. Did I ever tell you that I used to be a professional dancer and now I can’t because my knee hurts and it makes my soul hurt?” “Yes, Stevie, you did.” No wonder she never appears in the books anymore, the X-Men just got sick of her.

2. Lilandra

Professor X’s hot alien princess girlfriend. Ahh…comic books…

1. Bernard the Poet

Sort of self-explanatory, right?

Okay, okay, here’s the real #1 (by the way, Bobby and Hanks’s former girlfriends, Zelda and Vera, I guess deserve honorable mentions, as well)…

1. Moira MacTaggert

She first showed up as the X-Men’s new maid, because Professor X can’t help but lie to people about EVERYTHING…

Right away, she showed how cool she could be…

During the Proteus Saga, she was prepared to kill her own son and when Cyclops got in the way…

Man, Moira was awesome. I am still irked that they killed her. Oh, and Lilandra. And Fred Duncan. And Candy Southern. And Mariko (okay, maybe not Mariko so much). Man, the X-Books have a real problem with this stuff.

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